Fantastic New Business Opportunity No 67


Depressed?  Sick?  Old?  Want to opt out?

Don’t take a drug overdose.  Put that shotgun away.  Enough with the sleeping pills!  You don’t have to throw your life away…

at least, not without getting some fun out of it!

Sign up instead with REALLY DANGEROUS TOURS!!! and we’ll take you where no man has been before and lived!

Try Swimming with Polar Bears at the North Pole.

Too cold?  How about Lava Surfing in Hawaii?  Or…

Cotton-Reel Bungee Jumping at the Grand Canyon! (your life will hang by a thread)

Space-Ballooning (see the earth dwindle below you.  Become space debris.  Total a satellite! Maybe a Russian one, who knows!)

Night-Climbing on Mt Everest (it’s never been done before, unlike the other kind)

or, if you don’t want to leave the comfort of your own home town, you can always take advantage of one of our Simulated Adventures, such as;

Raiders of the Lost Ark (where that rolling boulder really does squash you)

Die Hard (where you do), or

Lord of the Rings (pick your own Balrog, but don’t expect any eagles)

(Yeah I know, suicide is a serious topic.  But this isn’t about suicide.   Just what I like to call ‘Thrill-Seeking with Predictably Fatal Results’.  Ms M and I are investigating alternative money-making opportunities, as our cash is fast running out.  If you have any ideas for us, we’d LOVE to hear them!


  1. Airplane jumping without a chute? I’ll just collect the tickets for you.. 🙂 Good luck! If there is any room left with the polar bears count me in. …ifyou can bring them south.

  2. Isn’t your son a libertarian? Surely it’s time for him to repay you for all those years of child care and education. Sell his stuff … or maybe his kidneys

    1. I bet that guy gets his head bitten off eventually, like the man who had a hippopotamus friend. Anthropomorphism only goes so far – polar bears aren’t puppy dogs! Though it does look a lot like one.


  3. omg, I can’t BELIEEEEEEVE this!!! Absolutely nuts. To be honest, I think these people don’t respect nature, jumping in on it like that.

    1. Tempted? There’s an Australian version, where you swim in the Mary River in the Northern Territory. Someone tried it just recently and got eaten. I’m sure he had lots of fun.


      1. Oh I forgot, it wouldn’t be clear to a non-Aussie. Crocodiles. The Mary River is crocodile homeland, tourists go on boat trips to see them leap out of the water to snap bits of meat. When I was there, my son asked the tour guide what would happen if he fell in. The tour guide said it’d be almost instantaneous death. There are ‘no swimming-crocodiles!’ signs all over the place. And yet…someone felt the need for a dip!

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