Fritters for critters..

Fritters are the greatest last minute, el-cheapo, quick and easy recipe. They can be made in minutes, and all you need is flour, oil for frying, and water or milk. The rest is up to you! The ones pictured above were made with a small can of corn kernels, milk and self-raising flour, fried in peanut oil. They were spectacular..

You need

  • Flour (self-raising best, plain is ok)
  • Oil (preferably not olive, because it doesn’t get hot enough)
  • Milk (any sort – or water will do at a pinch)
  • Fritter stuff (corn kernels from a can, chopped spring onions/onions, veg if it’s cooked or is the sort that doesn’t need cooking, bacon bits)
  • Egg (optional)
  • Flavourings (optional)

How to make it

  1. Put your fritter stuff in a bowl (drained, if it comes from a can – or chopped very small, if not).
  2. Bear in mind that fritters are quick – so the stuff you put in them isn’t really going to cook much. So it should either be cooked already, or not need it (eg spring onions).
  3. Add 2-3 tablespoons flour (self-raising best, plain works fine as well)
  4. Add a beaten egg (optional – makes it ‘eggier’)
  5. Add enough liquid (milk/water) to form a gluggy mixture. Too wet – more flour. Too dry – more liquid. Your aim is to have a consistency more or less like custard.
  6. Add any flavourings you want – garlic powder, onion powder, salt, etc and mix it up well.
  7. Heat up 1-2 spoonfuls of oil or butter in a frypan.
  8. Dollop a big spoonful of fritter mix into the pan when it’s as hot as possible (but not so hot that it explodes). The size of the dollop equals roughly the size of the fritter!
  9. Fry until brown on both sides.
  10. Nice with mayonnaise, chilli sauce, stuff like that.