The Karmic Challenge: Week 36: the End is Nigh – really

THE CHALLENGE. A man (Captain Savage).  A woman (Rose). A quest. To earn enough karmic points by Christmas to be reincarnated as Something Nice.  Preferably not straight away though. Like, I don’t want to get hit by a truck on New Year’s Eve.  Hit on by a that’s a slightly more attractive possibility (but not much).

Well, it’s almost Christmas. That means I can stop being good.

Well actually it doesn’t. Because I’ve signed up to befriending Beetle for at least a year, and I’m hardly going to drop elderly Mr L, my Red Cross Visitee, as soon as the clock ticks 2013.

Roughly three weeks to go of collecting karmic points.  And the big question for me is:


Well, a bang, naturally!! (and believe me, I’m working on it)

So at this point I need HELP.  Suggestions.  Ideas.  Karmic things to do which will push me over the Magic Five Hundred Points by CHristmas with a resounding thrust, like the last voyage of the Space Shuttle.  In short, I wanna do something different. Scary. Interesting.  But what?????

Anyone?  And don’t forget, Captain Savage badly needs a bang too!

And why this? Well, I just thought it would cheer everyone up. For Christmas. You know?


    1. Maybe I could make a reality show so bad that nobody would ever want to watch reality tv again! Do you think that’d work? Me and Rose Wine Lover could do it together – she could provide the farts and hairy armpits and I could provide the rudeness and incredibly long boring asides about stuff nobody cares about. Got legs?


  1. Be Gandhi. The second one of course. Or were there lots of Gandhi’s (sp)?

    Rose, i wonder why i can’t “like” your posts? I mean when i hit the WP like button, it takes me to the top of your page … but won’t leave my wee “stamp of approval” AKA gravatar.

    1. I don’t know. I keep meaning to look but then forgetting. I’ll try liking myself and see what happens! I know of at least two Gandhis. No, three. Do you mean Indira then? She had a better time in life I think – lots of sex probably and not so many vegetables.


  2. WAIT, not Gandhi! We don’t want assasinations … i don’t think that’s worth 500 karma points. However you would get to find out if you come back as a dog … Scratch that.

      1. I was thinking of the civil rights guy. Mahatma … but i do think people got REALLY really mad at him for being so kind. Never mind.

        Here’s a thought. Be yourself. You are good enough.

      2. You know, really I am not at all good. You’re probably very good, Mel, but me – no. I could go on and on about how bad I’ve been at various times but I won’t, it’s too boring (for now). Anyway, I hope all’s well with you! And that someone gives you something sparkly for Christmas! xoxo


      3. I find it hard to believe that you are so “bad”. I really don’t get that. Did you murder someone? I truly doubt it. People have affairs, they sleep around, they vomit for years and years ( 🙂 ), they may do drugs or drink and do stupid stuff … but that doesn’t make you BAD! I am VERY curious to find out what makes you so bad? Are you putting evil spells on people? And even that could be considered part of your religion if you roll that way. I like you, btw. And i’m not being good. I like people who are human. Good thing … as people are human. If you were a dog, i’d really, really like you! Nice hair!

      4. I’m not bad..but not good either. I’ll explain sometime. But I think it’d be very nice to be a dog of yours! Funny, dogs can’t be bad. Not really. Animals have no moral dimension. Why is that?


      5. I think that dogs are SO GOOD; that morality doesn’t apply. Morals are a guage of behavior: A judgment of “acting”, or a code made up by ‘we’ judging humans. They are pure and good, and have no malice. Their actions are not mysterious. I LOVE DOGS!

        As far as being good or bad …. We are our own harshest critics … and THANKFULLY most people are simply thinking of their own ‘selves’ to take more than a momentary gossip session to worry about another person’s morality. On the other hand … those few moments spent by jealous (or troubled) people can be pretty damaging and hurtful. WOW, am i a marshmallow or WHAT?

      6. I love dogs too! I’ve always thought that other animals have all the qualities humans have, more or less – we’re all wired much the same way. But I can’t see malice in dogs. Hmmm, you could be right,they may be completely good! And yes you are marshmallow, slightly burnt by being toasted I think, with a hard delicious skin and a mushy inside.


      7. Wow, i love your description OF ME!!! Yes, definitely got an edge … OH YES! In college, Jen was so popular and outgoing and witty … guys would not leave her alone, and she was too nice to tell them to fuck off. I LOVED it! She thought it was hilarious. Frankly I got myself in loads of trouble, nothing life threatening (course) … but saying fuck off to someone usually gets a strong reaction … and some very interesting female, descriptive words. There’s something exhilarating about fighting with men who are not nearly smart or creative enough to lay me down when it comes to “bad behavior”. When boys are bad they are bad … and they will never win with me if they act badly. Hmmm, what-up with that?

        Well dogs. I think we domesticated them to “come along” with us. They may poo or pee when they’re mad at us (if we leave them alone) … but i don’t think they have the “mean gene”, know what i mean? I think they TOTALLY have feelings and fear (or course) … and sometimes they are not as loving as we’d like as their “masters” (EGAD, OH THE HUMANITY) … but they are very reflective of human treatment … and even if they are “dog fighters” their meanness comes from mean humans making them mean.

        AND YET, they have an internal, clear, innate goodness … or is it people pleasing? The dog’s way to survive. Humans are much stinkier in their methods of survival. (See Mel ripping down men). However, men have a strong foothold in this society. OK … time to read some work emails, unfortunately. XO

      8. You would have been really feisty – I probably would’ve been scared of you. You and Jen must have been quite a pair. I’ve never really had a fight with anyone, properly – it’s a sort of fantasy of mine to actually do that, I mean go full on at someone with swear words and everything!

        I think animals must have meanness, only maybe we don’t call it that. You know how you get some dogs that bully other dogs (my dog Coolac does that a bit, actually) and horses definitely are bullies. Anyway what we don’t know about can’t bother us – to us, they’re all lovely. Men – do you think the human problem lies with them? They’re annoying, I’s funny, when I have this conversation with Ms M, we both end up agreeing that we hate just about everyone! That’s awful, I know. We don’t really mean it though.


      9. Saying mean stuff about people is what having girlfriends is all about 😉

        It is creepy isn’t it? We can be so mean. But, when face to face with other humans … we usually say, “hey, not so bad”. But if they get the edge on us … erm … the tendency is to swipe.

        Yea, i guess animals have it bad too. We all have it really bad i guess.

        Boy, Rose, i have a series of people who have told me off in no uncertain terms about how awful their lives are. I think I’m a bit tired of losing sleep over these people. I have seriously stressed over these horrible circumstances that my “friends” (NOT JEN) have found themselves in, and i simply am FLATTENED by their meanness towards my soft heart towards them.

        OK, so on that happy note, i will go swim and get in touch with my BITCHY, FIESTY side!!!! The Warrior needs to get up on her horse again and flash some Sparkly Jewelry! GIddy up !!!

  3. I love this guy’s readings. This is the second time I’ve come by hear & heard this guy. Really great readings.

    I love your conversation above 🙂 – as good as the post!

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