The Karmic Challenge: Week 37: Bad to the Bone

First the points!  This week I fed Captain Savage’s cat, Tabitha, while he was away. She was so sweet, and soft, and purry…I don’t know why CS is always complaining that she beats him up.  THIS tender, harmless little pussy???  And then…SWIPE!  Ok, CS, now I believe you! (she’s still cute, though, and she did keep her claws sheathed).

And today Beetle and I went to see Clipsie, our blind pony, and brushed half a ton of summer fuzz off her.  On the way home, Beetle had what is known as ‘an accident’.  In case of accident, I’m supposed to let Beetle clean herself up in privacy or whisk her home forthwith, in case I get accused of child abuse.  Since she clearly wasn’t managing, ‘in privacy’, I risked my career as a volunteer and asked her if she wanted some help.  She did.  Isn’t it strange how an obsession with sex and fear of its misuse have grown up together like twin monsters, hand in hand.

Talking of monsters, I want to draw a portrait, in half-light, of someone very close to me.  This person’s done the usual range of unsavoury things.  Cheated on their lover without a condom and denied both.  Spent a weekend away with one lover, nipped out to spend an hour of it with another, while a third waited in ignorance at home.  Passed on gossip knowing that it would lower other people’s opinion of the gossipee, and pretended it was accidental rather than malicious.  Dropped friends who were too boring, arduous or obese.  Wished someone dead, seriously.



This person’s usually the last to call when you’re down.  Why? Because she forgot about you or worse, she wanted to finish her book.  She’s the last to offer to help with the dishes. Other people got up first (they always do, somehow).  When you’re having a hard time coping, she probably won’t even notice.  If she doesn’t like you, you can have cancer and she won’t really give a stuff: not only that, but she’ll probably invest minimal effort in pretending to.  While other people are fluttering about your baby’s pram, oohing and aahing, she’s probably sitting right where she is, fetching up an insincere smirk, and thinking how much prettier hers were.

She doesn’t like your success (unless she has a soft spot or feels sorry for you).  The fact that it isn’t HER success annoys her.  She doesn’t care when unknown teenagers fall off balconies, but she generally cries at funerals in the same way people catch yawns.  Her caring is random, at best.  At weddings, she’s always thinking about the divorce. She loves her kids, her animals, her family. That’s it.  She’s quite likely to forget all about you when you’re not there.

She seems gentle enough.  If you harmed her children she wouldn’t shoot you or watch as you sat in an electric chair.  No.  She would eat you alive, tearing you apart with her teeth and claws.  Nine tenths human, one tenth big cat.  Who is this person?


Well, partly. At times.  I’m better than some and worse than others – but maybe this goes some way to explaining why I’m trying to be a little ‘gooder’ this year.  And while you’re here, check out the tags!! Yes, courtesy of Ms M – who is MUCH nicer than I am!


    1. No really it isn’t. But as one of my very good friends said, if we’re truthful about ourselves, we’re all just as bad. And good too. I was just thinking, my family reading this will probably nod in agreement, though they love me, I hope! If you’re going to blow your own trumpet you might as well do the opposite sometimes too 🙂 What is that called though?


  1. Yeah, I have those sessions with myself from time to time too… I think it’s just a proof I’m a bit of a masochist…

    1. It could be…or maybe we’re just self aware. It’s ok to recognise your bad bits as well as your good bits. Know yourself, as Socrates said!


  2. I know you too well, my friend … i knew you wouldn’t write anything that seemed pretty harsh someone else. Still, in its harshness it sounds rather human, doesn’t it? Lord, that IS sad. Truly though, if people don’t realize that what you describe is essentially the [lowly] human condition, they’re kidding themselves.

    I’d say your description sums up a lot of people “honest” people. I think most people think their children are miraculous and that others are “ok” … and most people would rather not oooo and aaaa, but rather compare their children “in favor” of the current subject 😉

    I truly appreciate your efforts at reaching towards a new karma level. While i know you were being “silly” humans are rather self centered aren’t they? It’s partly due to our drive to survive: Be the fittest. blah blah blah.

  3. Aren’t we all ‘tigers’ when it comes to our own kids? Watch out or I’ll eat you alive… to be sure…!
    As for the rest… huh; if that’s all you’ve got, better try harder… 😉

    1. Is that a challenge???? Nah actually that is about all I’ve got, when I die, if someone truthful gets up there to eulogise me, they’ll probably say, well, she had her faults, she was a sneaky little bastard and as dozy as an old cat, but she really didn’t mean harm to anyone!


  4. Most people would deny to their graves that it wasn’t an accident when gossiping. I think we all have lots of darkness and light inside us. Sometimes the darkness comes out more. But at least you are trying to keep track and not letting it run amuck. 🙂

    1. Well, yeah. We have to be aware, to ‘know ourselves’ and not flinch from seeing the yucky bits as well as perhaps the quite nice sugary bits!


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