The Karmic Challenge Week 31: Meeting Beetle

What goes around has GONE around…so when’s it COMING around?

My little Kids Friend (who I think I’ll call Beetle) and I have spent our first hour together, getting to know one another.  I really know nothing about Beetle, except that she needs some time out.  I guess that’s the way it should be – no preconceptions.

Gucci as usual is the ambassador between worlds, allowing herself to be cuddled and stroked with the indiscriminate tact of a born diplomat.  Beetle, Ms M and I went for a swim, during which I dragged out my rusty skills for wooing eight year olds (‘Let’s have a race…ooh, you beat me..AGAIN!’.  Ms M watches all this with incredulity.  ‘What are you running for, mum, Best Actress in Pool?’  Afterwards she asked in a low, shocked voice ‘When I was that age, did you talk to ME that way?’.  Well, a bit.  But then my kids were both brighter than me, at eight.

This actually has nothing to do with the subject, but whatever..

I’ve also suddenly realised how many things I’ve subscribed myself to.  $20 a month to free captive bears in foreign lands (probably supporting a thriving market in capturing bears).  $30 a month to UNHCR (those people in the mall caught me off guard).  $10 a month to help the Humane Society advertise against factory farming.  $80 a month to kids in Africa, who are both called Samuel.  The Big Issue almost once a month?

Plus I’ve made an extra effort to leave a nice taste in the profiles of people I meet on the internet.  Not maybe as sweet as Deliberately Delicious, but then who could be.

Like a cargo train loaded with Christmas treats, all this has presumably trundled its way around the circular tracks of karma, and here I am waiting on the station, wondering when exactly I’m going to see the returning headlights.  So far this year, life’s handed me the perfect job, but I can’t say I’ve noticed any other marked improvement…my mum’s died, my love life’s stagnated (partly due to increased pickiness and a refusal to ‘use’ anyone) and I haven’t yet penned a best seller.

Still, who knows how much worse it could have been if I hadn’t cleaned my act up this year.  Reminds me of that old joke about the guy who’s stuck on his rooftop in the Queensland floods.  A raft, a police boat and finally a helicopter come to rescue him, but each time he waves them away. ‘No thanks – God will save me!’ he says.  As the waters eventually sweep him off the roof, he cries ‘God, why have you abandoned me!’.

‘Bloody hell, I sent a raft, a police boat and an effing helicopter – what else do you expect, you dickhead!’.


  1. You make a good point. If we think life isn’t holding up its end of the bargain with us, we need only think of worse things that could be happening. Should help keep things in perspective. 🙂

  2. I think it’s great that you donate to causes you deem worthy, mentor an eight year old Beetle (cute nickname!), have a perfect job (wish I had one of those!) and have a nice family, an independent life and you share your unique and witty writing style with us folks out here in blogtown!

    1. Thanks :). But where are the perks?? (no really I’m pretty happy with the job. But then, yours is incredibly karmic – looking after hordes of little neighborhood tykes and actually appreciating their personalities..Much as I try in my job, I can’t say I’ve yet had much tangible effect on the wellbeing of old people (other than to help them find their lost seniors’ cards).


  3. Go you for the donating to causes you think are important!
    I think you use you’re cool tough crunchy exterior to hide the warm soft gooey chocolate filling.

    Hmm…I think I’d like a snack now…

  4. I feel for you. That list of generous contributions shoulld embarrass the fates enough to cough up some suprise treat, but life often just uses our good nature to tease us doesn’t it. I remember, years ago, picking up a couple I didn’t know, in my car because it was raining. After I left them at thier desired stop I remember thinking God would show his appreciation to me in his own subtle way. At that moment as I turned right into the car park, the front driver side wheel of my car fell off. The car came to a halt. As I reflect on the event I keep searching for the message or good luck contained in the incident. I suppose one thing is, its made me laugh over the years so there is one spin off.

    1. Yeah that’s exactly it! Of course, maybe god decided to make the front drivers side door fall off in the carpark instead of on the freeway..or instead of the front wheel?


  5. Rose, you are a paragon of virtue. You donate generously to causes you believe in and willingly spend quality time with old people and eight year olds who don’t belong to you. There is a tall, dark, handsome, intelligent sex god with your name on him, and he’s got to be arriving soon.

    1. Thanks for the thought but I think that one’s got YOUR name on him (although, you did say you like balding, right?). Ms M says she wants a plain guy who won’t run away for someone better looking, and I’m inclined to agree with her on that one (mind you anyone who ran away from my daughter on the grounds that they’d found someone better looking would need their eyes examined).


  6. Oh, I love the ending of this–one well-used image can be the difference between a point being written and a point being remembered.

    And congrats on the job. And good luck on the book, and the love. And everything else. And be well, and you’ll be okay.

    And I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks Michael! It’ll all come out in the wash. That’s my favourite expression (and actually it should be, seeing as I’m famous for washing whites and having them come out tie-dye).


    1. You don’t. As an atheist, I think that’s the thing about religion – whatever is, is because god wills it, or because he declines to will it – so under that logic, nothing can ever prove that god doesn’t care. He works in mysterious ways! (but actually, all reasoning is applied after the fact, and I sometimes wonder if it’s all equally tangential to what’s really going on in the universe).


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