Brief instructions on finding happiness..

The water’s green and soft.  You swim down through it like an eel, like a polished stone.  Soon, you see a golden light, spreading among the water weeds.  It’s a box?  Or no, more like a patch of sun in the darkness, a drowned mirror.  You want it.

You reach towards it, and as you dive, arms outstretched, it flows upwards to meet you.  You fill your hands with silver droplets, liquid sunshine streams past you, you swim and turn in a rainbow of twisting light.

Your head breaks the surface, but this time, you keep on rising, out of the water, dripping, laughing, into the blue sky where you cartwheel and roll on the silky air.  You’re happy, your hands and your arms and your eyes are full of happiness, you have so much you scatter it to the wind and still you have as much as you can hold.

And you know you can always go back, whenever you want.  At the bottom of the green water, a box is waiting, just for you.  Dive down, open the lid, and take from it whatever you need: comfort, patience, happiness, and sleep.


  1. Can I find ‘more time’ in that box…? That’s the thing I need more of just now, Rose. Somehow, I don’t think I’ll find it… Darn… Oh, yes; a bit more sleep would be good. Think I’ll find that… Nigh Nite..!

    1. It’s mybed time meditation. Every night before I go to sleep I visualise a place, which is always different – it just comes to me (I guess because of whatever movie I’ve been watching recently). Whatever I want for the night, I find in that place.


  2. One of my recurrent dreams is that of flying… combine with the box… and I’m done 😉 don’t need no more!

  3. I am just calling by to see Lilly Munster, I do hope that
    she is in today as she has always been so nice to me
    on our pancake and toasted marshmallow evenings 🙂

    Don’t worry, I am just calling in today from
    El Guapo’s Space and you know what he is like 🙂 lol

    Oh, and I like your posting, it is well
    written and gives one a sense of enchantment…

    Have a wicked one B I B 🙂


    1. No, from my memory it’s not either…did I use your photo? If so I should have acknowledged it – thank you! But I wasn’t thinking of the Med, more of an Australian lake, which is always green when you dive down.


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