The Karmic Challenge: Week 27 – Wear a Low Cut Dress for Jesus!

THE CHALLENGE. A man (Captain Savage – come on, that’s a hint, CS).  A woman (Rose). A quest. To earn enough karmic points by Christmas to be reincarnated as Something Nice.  But please, please, Whoever Up There, not a sheep in Australia?

I’ve been getting the feeling for some time that elderly Mr L has been disappointed in me.  I guess there wasn’t a spot on the Red Cross Visitor Order form for ‘pretty young thing with big tits and a short skirt who watches footy’.


Well today, he was disappointed no more! For it is summer in Oz, and the weekend, and I was wearing a low cut yellow sleeveless top, and even though I say it myself as shouldn’t, I have REALLY BIG BOOBS! I could see Mr L was pretty impressed, to the point where he unnecessarily patted my hair, rubbed my upper arm, and feasted his eyes with a satisfied smile on my cleavage.  At last, clearly overcome with gratitude, he remarked,

‘You’re such a nice person, dearie…..let me show you something!’

Quaking in my shoes, I followed his doddery steps, to be confronted by….

a brand new shaver that he’d bought only a few weeks ago (and, as old people will, had already told me about three times).

‘Well!’ I said, looking suitably awed, ‘You’ll be pretty smooth from now on then!’.

Points, anyone?

Which brings me to the real reason I rashly went to see Mr L in my low cut top.  Ms M and me had just been to a rally on the lawns of Parliament House to Ban Live Export (you may have seen the recent coverage of Australian sheep sent to Pakistan to be clubbed to death and buried alive).  Standing there listening to speeches in the rain, I started to feel all teary and hot.  I think emotion spreads like flu – it hangs in the air and we all start to sneeze.

‘Tell the major parties that you won’t vote for any party that supports live export!’ exhorted the nice man from the newly formed Animal Justice Party.  Ok, I won’t.  Does that mean I have to vote for the Greens?  I hope not, cause I don’t like them that much…

Gucci discussing animal welfare with a fellow activist

Finally, I think I’ve just been allocated a kid as part of the Kid’s Friends program (you may remember I applied about, oh, a century ago?).  She likes painting, drawing, swimming and animals, and has an annoying elder sibling (Ms M should take to her straight away then).  I’m thinking maybe we can paint together – I found my paints and brushes the other day, and it’s been a long time!  In fact – I’m looking forward to it!


  1. All kinds of karmic points for your selfless act with Mr. L. So relieved it was his shaver he wanted to show you!

  2. What is it about boobies?
    My man ogles mine when I’m dressed in a low cut top (can’t take his eyes off – you know; looking at your face, now looking at your boobies; looking at your face, now looking at your boobies (a smile spreading across his face) – darn, it’s the strangest thing since he’s got every opportunity to well, hmmm, enjoy them ‘unclothed’.!
    Oh well, that’s men; well, my man..!

    Sorry state ’bout those sheep, Rose Live exports; reminds me of ‘slave traders’… Not a pretty picture; to be sure…

    K’sFP – So, we can all look forward to artwork then…

    1. well it’s really great that he STILL likes yours, you know. Even with ownership and constant access and all that. Hang on to that man! Live exports reminds me a LOT of slave traders – exactly. And yep, I hope to have some artwork…some time soon maybe!


  3. Well Ok Rose I suppose recently I’ve shown, that maybe I’m feeling just a little bit low, and on the Karmic post side I’ve been a terribly slow, but with effort like this really do show, that I have no reason to be feeling glum, I really should get off my big fat bum, so today I will do my very very best, just wish I’d been there to see Mr L admiring your chest…. Yes Rose I will really do a Karmic post, thanks for the gentle reminder my friend with the most, CS xox

  4. No that I’m ignoring the thoughts of your breasts fighting with summer perspiration, and tiht summer blouse, but Oz exports live animals to have then be slaufgtered somewhere else? Perhaps that what we should have done with our seals decades ago.

    1. Yeah, we do. I think it’s partly so that they can be killed in the approved islamic manner, ie conscious and by throat cutting. And maybe partly so they’re totally fresh?? But these were breeding sheep who’d been rejected by the buyer for some reason, so the only option for them was destruction. The trade is cruel and disgusting and panders to primitive beliefs about how god prefers meat animals to be killed. Hopefully it’ll soon become economic.


  5. You’re hilarious, Rose, I just love you!! 🙂
    I’m hoping you get all the karmic points you need. Have tits, will titillate.

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