Do you pick your nose in the car?

Yup. Next?

Why am I telling you this? Because the Rules of every award I’ve ever been given say that I have to tell people stuff about myself.  Being a pretty open person (and anonymous, well, except for my family, friends and ex boyfriends who read this blog (hello everyone!) I don’t mind telling anybody just about anything, but the thing is – does anyone really want to know?

Well, I dunno.  Do you?

Is there anything you’ve been dying to know but afraid to ask (yawn!).

Is there anything that you don’t want to know but would be really amusing to ask (and maybe you have an equally amusing answer – there are some really WITTY people out there I’m looking at you El Guapo).

Are there any students out there doing PhDs on eccentric middle aged women who desperately need data to back up their claims (99% of eccentric middle aged women like to wear red boots, for instance).

Actually I think this statistic is pretty well substantiated, and there they are! (the boots, I mean – see above).  Magnificent, no? Got them at the local op shop for $10!  Karma rewards or what!



  1. What amazes me is that people will pick there noses at traffic lights surrounded by other drivers in there cars as if somehow we can’t see them doing it!!! And yes Rose I do pick my nose and yep you have great legs and I love the boots too 🙂


    1. And why does my iPhone continuously correct their with there? There there CS calm down!!!

    1. You’re right. I need some not wicked questions. That’s the thing really – I need some questions for me to answer. What would YOU want to know, Sharmishtha? If I listed ten things about myself.

  2. Forgiveness is key, but that wasn’t anywhere in the vicinity of my heart when a passenger in my mother’s car, as a teen, I was forced to listen to her ramble on and on. My attention was anywhere but on her, as I stared out the window.

    At the next stop light, a couple of totally cute guys pulled up beside me. I grinned at them and shyly glanced away as they smiled back. I eagerly turned to tell my mother and saw why they grinned. It wasn’t me at all, but my mother and the fact that her nose had swallowed her arm up to her elbow. I sank way down in my seat and endured the longest red light to date, I’ve suffered my entire life.

  3. Well, hello there, you! Cool looking dog. That IS a dog, right? Looks almost like one of those furry creatures from a Star Wars movie. Nice boots, nice choice of black patterned hosiery, and I like the bright orange dress. Nice picture, and it’s nice to see you! 🙂

      1. Okay, then red dress it is, even though it looks orange to me. Must be these drugs I’ve been taking, which could also explain my take on your dog. Lol

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