Oh god I can feel another one coming on, just a sec..yes here it is..

Iamnotshe – who is she not?

That girl who sort of lost the plot?

The plot that is, that should have been,

In which Melissa is elected Queen,

And all who see her, love her, and more importantly,

read her blog,

And her pictures are hung in galleries next to Vince Van Gogh.

And where her friends line roads and wave and cheer,

And throw out tickertape by the bucket, twice a year,

To celebrate this gorgeous gifted creature,

Iamnotshe, you’re the coolest, don’t let nothing beetcha!

For Iamnotshe, with apologies to Vincent Van GO!



    Hot Damn that is SO FREAKIN’ true … every word!!!! 😉

    HEY Vincent V-GO got nothin on Mel. And you KNOW he’s not as funny as me.

    I am not me ma … and she is not me. So we’re even 😉

    Cool poem too, VERY FUNNY, you make me laugh … just call me Queen Melis.

    And, oh dearest, nothing is gonna get me. I’ve come way too far to let a bitchy addiction to food or anything else steal my life. IT WON’T HAPPEN! xoxo m

    Thanks so much for the love. I appreciate you!!! BIG TALENT YOU GOT THERE BEAUTIFUL, FUNNY, SMARTY, and GREAT MOM!

    P.S. Let me know if you think your teen is having some problems with the food 😉

  2. I don’t think she is. But if she ever does, you would be the first person I’d write to. Ditto all those things to you, Queen Melis! and please have this poem as a sort of virtual hug from a big admirer of yours! xx

  3. WOW! This is SO GREAT! Mel to a T!!!

    I adore Mel and have for well, for forever…

    I am delighted to have found YOU through the Captain!

    This made me giddy with happiness..

    Thank you!

    Peace, Jen

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