Rose gets the poetry bug..

What is good? Nobody knows.

And yet when you’re around it grows.

There are all sorts of things you may not be.

But kind you are, and gooder far than me.

An ordinary superman – yes you, and that moustache,

Which decorates your face with military panache!

Your upper lip’s so goddamn stiff I’d use it as a shelf,

For stacking all the compliments you should give yourself.

Never was a part time soldier so ineptly named,

Than Captain Savage, who for his sweetness is justly, and widely,



In celebration of my best friend Captain Savage!


      1. Rose,

        You flatterer You, my Moustache is deeply touched… Did you know that it’s the only display of manliness I’m allowed on my face, even in the jungle I still have to shave, all except for my top lip. Plus it’s so luxurious becuase of all the B..lsh.t I speak, natural furtiliser you know.

        Capt. Savage
        (A Moustache to be wondered at)

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