Forget sexy, let’s bring HAIRY back!

Melissa of Iamnotshe has passed on YET ANOTHER AWARD! I feel very lucky that Melissa likes me! If we met in the playground I would run up to her and ask to be her friend!

The Rules and Regulations for Acceptance of the “Tell Me About Yourself” Award as as follows:

1.  You will need to Thank the person that nominated you first (me) and link the blog to that person before you start.  Melissa, thanks! You are worth EVERY CENT I pay you for awarding me! No kidding!

2. Tell the world 7 things we might find interesting about you.



Somewhere I have a list of people I’ve slept with. It’s quite long. (shut up Rose, that’s disgusting!)

  • When I was 25, I learnt how to apply lipstick. AT first I thought you had to purse your lips to put it on, like you were kissing yourself in the mirror. My girlfriend laughed a lot.

I don’t own a pair of high heels. I used to but I never wore them, owing to the proliferation of shortish or insecure men in my life, so I threw them out. Now I want them back.

  • I tried to do that thing once where you wait three months without washing your hair to get it to clean itself naturally. It never happened, I just had to wear a lot of headscarves.

I secretly want to be a dog washer. I LOVE dogs and they love me.

  • For the last couple of years I’ve been trying to write a novel about BAD people. It’s hard, cause I don’t really understand bad people. Why do they bother? I dunno.

AND THE CRUNCHER?? I love hairy men, and one day I’m going to crusade for the abolition of hair-free clinics. I love hairy women too. I just love hair. I don’t like the musical that much though, I have to admit.

3. b

Then you add your seven nominees. AND HERE THEY ARE!!

Cult of Otis.  Otis is a cat. Like all cats, she Rules. Literally.

Fathead Follies.  Check out Repo games, for those who love their tv ANd their trivia. Better than Hunger Games.

Adorably Caffeinated. Who wouldn’t adore that.  Join these feisty chicks in their search for an ad worth watching more than once. I need to watch most ads at least three times so I know what they want me to buy, but maybe that’s just me.

The Necessary Cruelty. More about cats! But this time, not so positive.

Callingintheone.  Only 49 days to attract the love of her life (is she allowed to go on reality tv?) Anti-Republican. Need I say more? Love the stories. A robot a month, or zombie a month if you prefer