One of life’s great mysteries?

Perhaps the greatest. Who knows? I’ve been watching Succession, Roman Roy is catching. Anyway. Here it is.

Why do men sniff as a form of expression? Also, dogs.

Dogs sneeze when they want to say something. I don’t know what it is they want to say but I’m sure as hell it’s something. Like, this whole reading on the couch thing is such a thrill, NOT, but how about we throw sticks now? Or, I swear that fart wasn’t me.

Men also sniff. When my daughter wants to take off young men of less than remarkable intellectual ability, she goes, like ‘Yeah, nah,’ sniff, under-nose sleeve wipe, ‘So I like met this roilly hot chick like an I sent her a dick pic an she’s like, gross…I’m telling ya, she’s gagging for it!’

Alexander Skaarsgard just sniffed in Succession, Episode 5, Season 4. Why did he so? Why do men wipe their noses when they haven’t got colds? I don’t. On the other hand there’s the phrase ‘she sniffed’ as in ‘I understand your mother lives in a trailer park,’ she sniffed. But I’ve never seen a woman actually sniff, as in draw in actual snot, as a way of expressing something? Have you?

Ok, trivial. But enlighten me?

To change the subject, my sister and I were discussing someone I’ve taken an instant but totally unjustified dislike to. ‘But why do you dislike her?’ my sister asked, ‘She seems lovely to me!’ ‘Yes,’ I said, ‘But she’s just a bit…toothy.’ Afterwards I thought, it could be that you’re just jealous. Or scared that you won’t, conversationally, measure up. Mind you the last person I disliked instantly turned out to have secret vices, so maybe I have a nose for these things?

Do you take instant dislikes? Have you been right to?


  1. You feel like you shouldn’t, don’t you? And I would change my mind if the person turned out to be nicer than I thought. But I don’t know what it is about some people, one’s hackles go up. Glad to know there are fellow insta-haters out there though!

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