Are you Elizabeth or are you Margaret?

And no, this has nothing to do with The Funeral.

I’ve been watching The Crown and naturally I identify a bit with Margaret, because she’s the wild one (although so casually rude you wish someone would kick her).

So (I wonder) am I more like HRH the Queen’s sister, or her late Majesty?

Well, I instinctively vote for eccentricity over convention – and I AM very rude. Usually unintentionally, but still… I used to be pretty sexy, and I’m attracted to rock stars, particularly if they have beards and/or dreadlocks. I hate tweed, tartan and shooting things.

On the other hand, one increasingly finds oneself using the general pronoun ‘one’. One disapproves of vulgarity, unrestrained displays of emotion and public drunkenness. One also very much likes corgis, even much adulterated ones.

Conclusion: I’m an Elizabeth masquerading as a Margaret. You?

Mind you, Elizabeth used to go to bed with Horse & Hound (rarely, Philip). It was Margaret, I bet, who read sexy crime thrillers. Here’s where you can pick one up, at the Mystery, Romance and Crime free book promotion. As part of my ongoing quest to support indie novelists, I’ve downloaded Becoming Saint Peter, because I’m attracted to the idea of the hopeless alcoholic brother impersonating his successful (but dead) brother. Now….which of my siblings would I impersonate? Which would you?

And here’s my review of last week’s download, Agatha’s Story by Charles Palmer. It’s a fantasy with gothic overtones set in an alternate London, about a girl who, when she gets wet, turns into a fish. One with serious teeth. It’s imaginative and well written, but doesn’t work as a stand-alone; to enjoy it fully you needed to know what happened before and after. As a short story I give it 3 out of 5. I probably won’t read the book, but that’s because I’m a bit hmmm on fantasy.


  1. I could def be British because I adore tea and those silly little snadwiches, not to mention pastries. Scones with jam! But I would have to have cats, not dogs, and I need a whole library to myself where no one bothers me. I do NOT want to wear 4″ heels every time I go out either, plus I like wild colors of nail polish, which I hear is a no-go for Royals. So I’m probably better off staying a commoner…

  2. I think I would have been an Elizabeth, due to me having had an over-developed sense of responsibility. I would have champed at the bit to be at least a little bit Margaret, whilst just not having it in me to go full Margaret. I would probably have (secretly) hated Margaret for being full Margaret, which I would have felt put more onus on me to be full Elizabeth, to mitigate the fallout from full Margaret somewhat. I happy to say that whilst I’ll never be full Margaret, I do play by different rules now that I’m older 🙂

  3. I doubt I could veer much into Elizabeth/Margaret territory without The Beneficiary putting a stop to it. Her view seems to be that we have plenty of queens and princesses in the family as it stands already, thenkewveddymuch, not to mention which the “shove your tits up to your chin” corseting favored by centuries of royals probably just wouldn’t work out, given my raggedy old fatboy biker profile. And don’t even get me started on heels.

    This, of course, is heavily predicated by my general lack of use for royals in the first place. I presume they’re of some value, although what it might be remains utterly opaque. But, since it costs me nothing, I’m happy to leave its mysteries to the people paying the bills (i.e., Brit subjects). Being about 97% Scot/Irish flavored ‘Mercan, I was never officially taught the secret handshake or whatever is required to have it explained to me. (shrug) Each to their own, I guess.

    Where was I? Oh, right, the “coolest” royal worth emulating: The only one I’d give the time of day is/was Sarah, Duchess of York, who had her problems. In spite of them she remained a bangin’ hot redhead (and everyone who knows me knows I’ve got a thing for redheads anyhow) who I’d pick any time to back me in a bar fight. Now THAT was some spicy royal. She made her own way and didn’t seem to give a flip about protocol and whatnot if it got in the way of her having a life. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t be a Sarah either (see corsets and heels above).

    But I’d damned sure hang out with her and buy her a beer anytime.

    1. I did like the toe sucking thing… not that I personally would enjoy having my toes sucked but I do think it shows a zest for life. The boob stacking thing also doesn’t appeal. I tried on a corset once and felt like I’d been trussed… took it off immediately. Having said that I don’t mind monarchy. They’re paid to float above us, like God, but unlike god they actually exist and don’t issue silly edicts.

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