Animal spirits, how to wrangle a blueberry and living in Paris

Last year, with no particular optimism, I planted a raspberry and a blueberry. I told them straight, I said, I’m not going to water you, and if you’re expecting fertiliser, well you should have got bought by my brother in law. (They said nothing.) Anyway THIS year I’ve found three raspberries and one blueberry on my bushes. Guess they listened and said to themselves, we’ll show HER. In such simple pleasures are peasants like me satisfied.

Speaking of which, I’ve been thinking…if we want to be happier, never mind complicated philosophies and funny coloured pills and shopping, we should just remember that we’re animals, and give ourselves the things that any animal likes. Company (up to a point). A burrow, or nest as the case may be. Play. Sunlight. Fresh air on our bare skin, and grass under our feet. Food, of the sort that grows. Note to governments and psychologists; these (in my opinion) are the things that human animals thrive on. Things that they do NOT thrive on? Offices. High rise apartments. Running machines. Powdered macaroni cheese. Managers. I could go on. Actually, could you? What do you think makes us human animals blossom, and what makes us wilt?

Oh yes, and Paris. So, I’ve been trying to decide what my fantasy old age looks like. Will it be spent in rural contentment, patting donkeys and making friends with pigs? Or in some lively, picturesque foreign village, arguing politics and dancing the rumba? Choices, choices…and yeah, this IS like some rich fucker torn between the yacht and the private jet. (Mind you, I read that you can live in a geranium encrusted cottage in Spain for half what it’d cost you to buy a one bedroom flat in western Sydney…) Do you have a fantasy old age? What does it look like?

Speaking of fantasy, feel free to browse these free fantasy books (the first of my trilogy Like Flies is one of them).


  1. I don’t see your book at that link! 😞

    What makes me blossom is similar yet different. Good food, good sleep, very low stress. Family and friends. Useful work. I like being indoors mostly, warm and safe, not outside with cars and noise. I can’t create anything when I’m stressed… it’s very important for me to avoid drama!

    1. Yes, hate drama too. Some of us, I think, are burrowers. I do like mine but since outside is so beautiful I generally prefer to be there on a sunny day. My book is The Mark, it should be there, not that I care much if it isn’t.

  2. I’d do the lively foreign village arguing politics (after magically just knowing the language), but probably not doing the rumba. I think I would be making trouble about some cause or other 😄

      1. Haha – yes, a bit of trouble-maker when I get onto a cause – lol! Otherwise, a law-abiding, tax paying, un-special older woman – but one who is also revelling in her inner ‘battleaxe’. I never realised the joys of being the very battelaxe I used to hate 🤣

  3. My fantasies could never have outpaced the reality. A child came into my care at age 60, and it has sustained me with work and revelation and insight into how we all unfold.

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