Where do we go when we go, and other questions…

So I guess this post is in the nature of a brain dump.

I’ve been thinking. Suppose there IS an afterlife. I would certainly like to think so, since most of the people (and dogs and cats) I care for are in it. Where would it be, and what would it feel like, and how would the whole thing work? For instance, is everyone happy? If I met my lovely son up there, would he still have the flaws that made him frustrating but lovable? Would he still try to push every argument a step too far, would he still be restless and reckless? Would he love having his hair combed and listening to people whisper online and accumulating knowledge about a sinful world? And if he didn’t, would he still be my son?

Do you get to have a body, or are you bodiless? Do you linger on or about the earth, or is there some spirit place we all float off to? Are there beetles there? Is it crowded? Do we each inhabit the Paradise that suits us? For instance, my son always liked rain, but I’m only really happy when it’s sunny, so… Do we feel love there, and if so, do we feel hate, anger, annoyance, frustration, boredom? Are we all connected in some cosmic mush, and if we are, am I going to be ME, up there, or will I end up as everyone? And, of course, God. Is He there? Are all of them?

Next year I plan to write a book about it. My heroine loses her husband, a famous musician, to a boating accident. So vast is her love for this man that she decides to follow him into the Other Place, like Orpheus for his Eurydice. And she gets there. But how? And what is it like? I guess the muse will tell me.

And, on a different subject, why are people always being corralled into doing things they really don’t want to do, much. Like fighting wars. Sticking refugees on prison islands. Carbonising the future. Banning dope. I hardly ever meet anyone who still believes in the War on Drugs, yet still, here it is, chugging away like a train to nowhere. Either we the people have no real power, or I just don’t meet the right people (the ones who thoroughly approve of all this sort of shit). Or are THOSE people – the approvers – just the ones for some reason sitting up there in the palaces of democracy, going their own sweet way?


Ps, lovely photo is by Dennis Buchner on Unsplash


  1. I do these kind of meanderings, too. One thing I think about is what I would tell my younger self if I could. It’s easy to come up with usual advice, but then I think I’d have to have been a different person then to take that advice, or even think I was able to take it. So I try and think what advice would I have listened to, or believed I could have followed back then, based on who I was, and what I would and wouldn’t have listened to or believed I could do, or be. Quite an exercise – and a work in progress 😄

    1. God yes, that’s a hard one. I would have told my younger self not to be afraid of people. But she wasn’t capable of losing that fear without going through the necessary years of effort, so as you say… what would have been the point? What would you have said, and what would you have listened to?

      1. So far the only thing I’ve come up with is that by using the right words I might have been able to encourage her to not desperately want to be one of the cool kids, which she never quite managed. Instead, to have the strength of mind and character to go on a path that suited her better despite whatever jeers might have been forthcoming, especially from family, for doing so.

  2. In the spirit of the last comments, maybe we go round and round, as some pop-Buddhism has it? You get to do it again, with fewer mistakes (or more, I guess – your choice!). Maybe you advise others on their mistakes, and they don’t listen.

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