Does Covid cause dementia?

So here’s the thing. I’m locked down on a country property, all by myself (if you don’t count the dog, but really I should count the dog because she’s great company) and I’m getting NERVOUS.

It’s not that I mind being locked down here (not much anyway). I like my own company, I’m surrounded by Paradise, pretty much, and I can still go to the beach whenever I want. Now that it’s against the law to socialise, I get lots of work done. Two novels down, one well on the way and I’ve been getting into poetry again recently, not to mention all the pruning, planting, fertilising, weeding and cleaning up that’s been going on around here.

BUT…the downside of all this is that I don’t get to talk to anyone. Sure, there’s the occasional phone call, and the lady at the supermarket telling me some involved tale through her mask that I didn’t understand a word of, and the ‘lovely day, isn’t it’ remarks that people exchange at the beach, from a safe distance.

I have read, somewhere, that not talking to people gives you dementia, and I’m beginning to wonder, how long before I start exhibiting the fatal signs? Or perhaps I’m already a few marbles short of a jar and because I never talk to anyone, no one’s told me… Living in the country doesn’t exactly sharpen your wits (what you gain in resourcefulness you lose in repartee) so even without COVID lockdown I’m probably losing my edge…

When…if…we ever come out of lockdown, I’m going to start up a club for intellectuals. Every week we’ll meet, us lonely rural eggheads, and debate things like, I don’t know…

The weather? See, it’s happening already!


  1. It’s not being alone that can cause dementia, but being lonesome and the lack of mental stimulation. Next to the obvious genetical preconditioning and physical condition of your brain.

    1. Lack of mental stimulation (other than that provided by reading and writing) is kind of a problem here. Thus the intellectual’s club idea…

  2. Depending on which side of woke you’re on, you might enjoy listening to Douglas Murray. He’s a fantastic orator, and I find his linguistic talents thoroughly enjoyable, even though he can also be an arse sometimes. If you’re on the wrong side of the current extreme woke ideology like me, you might like him, too. He doesn’t do his own YouTube show, but appears on various ones and podcasts as a guest for others. He wrote the book ‘The Madness of Crowds’ in which he wrote about various groups and got it wrong about women, but has since apparently admitted it.

    1. Great, I’ll look him up! Sorry, I come up as anonymous because I forgot my sign in on my new laptop but I’m Rose, and thanks for the tip!

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