A Lady Bird Book About the Apocalypse

I recently came across this kinda funny spoof book called ‘A Lady Bird Book About Donald Trump’ and a friend thought it’d be funny to take the last line and see what happened next. So I did. And here it is. Long live the Orange One!

“And when Donald is told it is time to stop being the President, who knows what exciting things will happen next?” (from A Ladybird Book About Donald Trump)

“Donald, it is time to stop being President.”

Donald stamped his foot crossly. “But I don’t want to!”

“No Donald,” said his wife sternly, “You have had your turn on the swings. It is Joe’s turn to play now.”

Donald was very cross indeed. “It is not fair!” he cried. “I am the best at being President. Joe will make a rotten President. How come Xi and Vladimir get to be President of their countries forever and I have to go home to bed!”

“You are a very naughty boy,” said Donald’s wife. “If you do not go to your room this instant I will tell everyone about your very small…hands.”

But Donald had remembered something. “I have lots of friends. I am the best at having friends. My friends have lots of guns. They are the best at having guns. Also I have a Big Red Button.”

“I have already told you, Donald,” said Donald’s wife, “You are not allowed to touch the Big Red Button until you are grown up. And your friends must go to bed too. It is everyone’s bed time.”

And so it was. For ever and ever!



  1. I do hope Donald’s wife can keep Donald away from the big red button!
    Very strange times.

    There was another attempt on Trump’s life recently. A security officer was asked afterwards why he shouted, “Mickey Mouse!” when shots were fired, and he said he just got confused and meant “Donald, duck!”

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