Between the sheets

So why is my fitted sheet no longer fitting my bed?

It’s a question I get quizzed on a lot at work and the answer is pretty simple. It is all about SIZE. It’s not how big it is its how you measure up.

Fitted sheets come in 4 sizes (35 cm, 40 cm, 45 cm, 50 cm). The most common is 40 and 45 cm with 50cm slowly growing in popularity and availability. Once you find a brand that you like, stick to it. Lots of people now put lovely padded spongy comfy mattress protectors on the beds, only to find that their favourite sheets no longer fit. This is both frustrating and annoying.

So how can it be avoided?

  • Step 1. Measure your mattress wall depth with its protector on and note its size
  • Step 2. Come and visit me at work and let me find the right depth for you! (Or when you shop for sheets next, make sure you read the fine print for your wall depth to match your bed size.) PROBLEM SOLVED… so you see SIZE REALLY DOES MATTER

Now for the important stuff...Cotton vs// Percale vs// Linen

Groucho Marx may have been onto something when he penned the phrase, “you’re only as old as the woman you feel.” A bit sexist, but then it could be flipped around the other way and that would be something Phyllis Diller might say… but I digress….

What did the pillow say when it fell of the bed? Oh Sheet! Back to the cotton sheets and the differences; we spend a third of our life in bed and, whether blissfully alone, with a loved one or a furry one, life is too short for crappy sheets. I liken Percale to a male and Sateen to a female; Linen is the fantasy third partner.

PERCALE= MALE. Traditional weave, one under/one over. Lightweight. Cool and crisp with a smooth matte finish. Breathable. Feels like a clean crisp cotton shirt that softens with each wash and offers long lasting durability (in my experience that depends).

SATEEN =FEMALE. Woven as one under and three over ( ohhh saucy… ) Has a luminous sheen known for its lustre and drape. Silky against bare skin. Thicker and typically heavier in weight ideal for all round comfort. More tightly woven, silky, shiny, warm and naturally wrinkle resistant. Has a smooth hand feel.

LINEN= FANTASY. More casual and laid back it’s strong, breathable. Soft, Durable. Less formal and crushes easily. Fine all year round

Note: The higher the thread count doesn’t necessarily mean better quality. The higher thread count means more threads that can fit on a loom, but in reality only 400-600 threads can fit and is ideal. A common ploy of marketing is claiming an extra thread count but this means that threads are twisted into the waft (horizontal plane) adding to thread count number, without making the sheet softer or stronger.

FACT: the higher the thread count most cotton sheets become more fragile and prone to rips, pills and snags. Best option is to choose Egyptian or Pima cotton as they actually have a 50% longer thread which translates as stronger and longer lasting…

Now that is my type of bloke –  which is a fantasy! 😉

This week I’m lending out my blog to my friends. Today’s post is by Lisa, who works in a sheet shop and knows everything there is to know about bedding!


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