Covid-19 Schmozzle

I’ve been thinking about the woolly thinking and inconsistencies surrounding State regulations in Australia. Surely this has to be the biggest scenario of both we have seen so far. And West Australian authorities are allowing a huge protest march in Perth next weekend. Borders still closed though.

Queensland still has border restrictions but allowed entry of a Melbourne man who took a commercial flight from Melbourne to Brisbane, socialised there with family and friends and then flew to Bundaberg and commenced work on a strawberry farm. It now turns out he was  COVID-19 virus positive during the whole time he boarded the first flight he took. Maybe better news next week.

The start of week ten saw our son and his wife and grandchildren visit as travelling restrictions between Queanbeyan and Millingandi were eased. A great time had by all as we had not seen them since Festivus, our big family get together in early December and we had four birthdays to celebrate and gifts to exchange. Grandchildren sort of observed social distancing but not really. Anyhow ACT and Queanbeyan were COVID- 19 free.

They went back on Tuesday and we then started preparing for our next visitor Pauline, who lives in the Australian Capital Territory) and could now travel to the South Coast.

Pauline`s husband and my best friend Denis died three years ago and they would have been married for fifty years in late June. To celebrate Geraldine (my wife) decided to shout Pauline out to Sunday Lunch at Banksia, Pambula which was re-opening on the weekend after being in lockdown since mid March. So it was our first outing to a restaurant since lockdown and we enjoyed immensely the occasion and the superb three course meal and matching wines prepared by Renee and Huw, who has one hat chef status. Seating was arranged in accordance with regulations of people per square metre and social distancing.

On the same day in Sydney and Melbourne crowds of over 20,000 marched in Melbourne and Sydney against all medical advice and most did not observe social distancing. The marches were in support of Black Lives Matter movement and inspired by the marches all over the United States of America. In Australia we must now wait for two weeks to see if any community Covid-19 tests of the marchers and families and friends prove virus positive.

Come on State Premiers and activist judges, can`t you get your act together?

This week I’m lending out my blog to my friends. Today’s post is by Bernard, who is – like all of us – a little frustrated, perhaps?


  1. Here in the US there have been few Covid cases arising from the protests. The increasing cases are from everyday activities conducted without precautions. Obviously, our government is incompetent as well.

    1. And the biggest problem in the U.S. is with the inconsistent approaches taken by different states, cities, and counties. This is a situation that demanded a consistent national approach. Admittedly, rural areas may not need the same measures as urban area, but the lack of a national approach that reflected those differences is what has led to the U.S. being the leader in cases and deaths. And there doesn’t seem to be any change in that context — except that everybody is pushing to return to “normal.” Which means — more cases, more deaths.

    2. Michael, same here as latest spike in positive virus cases are related to community based connections. Rumor has it an earlier investigation at a Meat Works was not investigated thoroughly due the owner having political connections with the Government.

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