Author interview with multi-genre author Fallacious Rose

Here’s me being interviewed by the lovely Jane Ballard!

A Girl and Her Book Reviews

Give us a brief summary of your life till now (education, work, etc) and how it led you to write.

I’ve had a fairly boring ‘outer’ life and quite a rich ‘inner’ life. I think one of the things that influenced me the most was being born partially blind. For me at least, it meant a childhood spent fleeing difficulties (like intense bullying at school) into make-believe. I grew up in an eccentric household, reading an enormous amount, and with a strong core belief that I had a gift. A vocation, even. Actually, as we Aussies say, I was seriously up myself, and probably I still am. I was good at expressing myself in words, and boy did I have a lot to say (and nobody to say it to)! So here I am – writer!

You write across so many genres — Regency vampire romance, animal books for older…

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