Our kids are being brainwashed – by bicycles!

…says SKY news. By bicycle courier, I guess…and I’ll start listening to SKY news when they learn to spell.

I’m no climate change activist, in fact ‘on the fence’ is my favourite place to sit, but this is how I see it.

I live on a rural property, and I’m surrounded by farmers, who run stock and grow food.

Along with all my neighbours, my dam is drying up and my tanks are low. If my water runs out, I’ll have to truck it in. But from where? Town dams are drying up too – even city water supplies are doing it tough. Winter rainfall in southern Australia has more than halved since the 1960s, and as I probably don’t need to tell you, it doesn’t rain a lot in summer. January to August 2019 was the driest on record.

What do you care, though? (No, not you, blameless blog reader – I mean YOU. Plump city journos over at SKY TV.) You live in the city. Water comes from taps, right, and food comes from supermarkets? Well no, mate, it doesn’t. Water comes from rivers and dams, and food comes from…farms. Like the ones around my place. The ones that won’t be able to feed their stock and water their crops if the long-term trend in low rainfall continues.


And I haven’t yet mentioned fires. This year, fire season was brought forward about a month – so it started in winter. And so far, it’s looking like it’s going to be the worst season on record! If there’s a fire, I could lose my home and maybe my life.

A lot of animals (the edible ones, obviously nobody cares about the wallabies and koalas and such) will likely be burnt to a crisp – and not on your barbecue. The Bureau of Meteorology (obviously a stooge of the leftist climate socialist front) refers to a “long-term increase in extreme fire weather, and in the length of the fire season.”  Lucky for you that you live in a high rise, and can probably afford a rise in steak prices.

Forget sea level rise – I don’t live on the coast so why should I care. But…if I did, I’d be a tad worried. You really think developers are still investing in low lying coastal areas? Good for them, but you wouldn’t catch me buying that seafront Gold Coast mansion for my retirement. You’re welcome, though.

So when you talk about how climate change is all made up and we’ve always had droughts and heatwaves and blah blah blah, try living on the land. Get a birdseye view. It looks different from where I sit.

And while I’m on the subject, here’s a creepy little story I came up with the other day – enjoy!


      1. Much better idea to carry on with ‘business as usual’ until -oops – total collapse of the environment. As the saying goes “there are none so blind as those who will not see”. I must admit that I feel more sorry for animals than humans, though, because they always come
        off worse from our human horribleness.

  1. Nice story. And one of the causes of the Big depression was when an economical recession got deepened by the dust bowl; a long period of drought in the mid-west of the US, partially worsened by poorly conceived agricultural methods. A society who doesn’t give the water issue the attention it deserves, does so at its own peril.

    1. Yeah, so true and weirdly obvious. One of the things about water policy here in Australia is that a lot of politicians and big agribusiness act like they think water is an endless supply, even as they see the rivers drying before their eyes. Big farma isn’t good for anything except profits.

  2. What to watch? A friend of mine will not look at the ABC because it will only tell stories of climate change. Talk about shooting the messenger! Me? I willingly share my prejudices. I could not watch Sky either, and I am a hopeless speller.

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