Old People Sex

Recently I joined a U3A (University of the Third Age class. (It’s this Aussie thing where retired experts on stuff share their knowledge for free with interested over-50s.) Anyway I felt I just had to share this poem from my class, with the permission of the author (Sue Middlewood)…

Fiona said her adult children made a face

When Andrew entered her world

‘Old people sex!’ they cried.


She laughs telling us this,

And with a knowing smile she’s silent.

The sex life of the over-60s is…


Nearly never in Hollywood,

Scenes of wrinkles and flab

But the glamorous are at it


If Fiona had spoken she may have said

The under-the-covers antics had merged with household chores.

The frenzy calmed, there’s space for loving-kindness.

But she didn’t say, because old people sex is…


I’ve been so immersed in Regency Gothic literature that I haven’t had time for anything much else, except…this. It’s a breakup song about those moments when you’ve talked about everything for hours and there’s nothing left to do but drink down that…bitter blue. (NB, it doesn’t reflect my state of mind Right Now – it’s more like a poem about where we were, once upon a time.)


  1. Funny. Honestly, I can’t imagine having sex again. I get that old couples have sex because they already love each other so it’s a thing they enjoy. But meeting some new guy and dealing with all that? Worrying if he likes my older wrinkled body? Trying to pretend I like his? Whyyyyyyy?

  2. It’s weird. When I was mid 20s, I thought mid 30yo women were scary and looked a bit old. When I was 30s I felt comfortable with psyche of 30yo women and thought 20s were too immature and 40s women looked broken and old. Now I’m in my 40s, I find the vulnerability that 40s women have about their body and looks as attractive. It seems like they are back at the level of the rest of us.

    1. It’s funny how perceptions of age move with your own age. From the perspective of 56, 40ish women look young to me. But then old is more than age.. some men my age seem unattractive because they’ve lost a certain something.
      A spark, a wildness or charm.. something like that. And others who are older still have it.

  3. it does happen; not just spoken about much — and Hey! where the songs celebrating senior sex??? surely they could have worked a few in ‘A Star is Born’ 🙂

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