In praise of farting…

My father would have died rather than fart in front of anyone (my mother would have gone one step further and murdered all the witnesses – no I’m just kidding). The first time I met anyone who just let it rip, I was impressed – but a bit taken aback. Here’s this hulking African-American guy pretty much levitating himself off my bed with the force of his rectal explosions…and he doesn’t even say ‘pardon me, ma’am!’. It was a revelation.

My African-American was soon followed by two other boyfriends wildly disparate in intellectual capacity and follicular gifts – but both able to blast off methane missiles like North Korea having a Show and Tell Day.

So now I’m single and all by myself and you know what, I’ve finally learned the joy of farting. If you’d challenged me to let off a trombone five years ago, I just couldn’t have made myself do it – even my arse would’ve crossed its metaphorical arms and zipped itself firmly shut. Don’t get me wrong, I could release a room-clearer as well as anyone – I just couldn’t do the loud and proud.

But I’ve got older and less genteel since then. So now I add the ability to fart whenever I feel like it to all the other advantages of being alone – of which, I’ve gotta tell you, there are quite a lot.

More of that some other time. How about you? Are you alone? Do you like it? What do you reckon is the best thing about being All By Yourself?

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  1. I come from a farting family, and married into one, with my third wife and her four kids. I do hold back in public, but home life is a sanctuary of guffs of all sizes and sounds. There are times when as many as five of us are letting rip in the same room, fortunately more volume than odour.
    Even my dog is a farter, both audible, and deadly silent.
    It is meant to come out, so I consider it to be a biological necessity. 🙂
    Well done to you, for embracing your wind expulsion!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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