A poem for the future

In the future

Few of us remain.

Summer never ends, for some

Far beneath the sea hides a better world.

There is no Other for the others are us and they are welcome

Fear is forgotten for the Shield protects mankind

New worlds await the blind

And all is mind.

In the future

Everything is going to be alright.


So this is a poem about a book I’m re-launching today – the thoughtful and optimistic collection of stories, Utopia Pending. FREE until 23 March. Because wouldn’t it be nice if….

  • two thirds of every news bulletin was about the great and lovely things that humans do for each other and for our non-human comrades
  • the deeds of terrorists, murderers and bullies were consigned to page ten, small print oblivion
  • the future was a gift, a promise, rather than a curse we inflict on our children
  • we hoped, and tried, and imagined better…

Pick up a copy here – and if you like speculative fiction, Fallacious Rose (that’s me) will be co-hosting a Facebook party for an hour on Thursday 28 March at 11 am Australian Eastern Standard Time (that’s midnight UTC on Wednesday 28). Should be fun – I and other spec fic authors will be sharing readings, stories NEVER BEFORE SEEN, free books, and…just chatting. Love to see you there – here’s the link!

And here’s me reading one of the stories from Utopia Pending – Alanah Andrews’ The Call. PS the beautiful photo above is by Aleksandra Boguslawska on Unsplash

So tell me, about that future…are you an optimist, a pessimist or something in between? Why?



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