Rose is sad…

I often think of myself, smugly, as a cork. You can push a cork under water but once you let it go, up it bounces, cheerful as ever. That’s me.

But even a cork sinks if you tie enough stones to it (or shove it in a bottle full of sand). Right now, my five year friendship with a man I once loved has sunk irretrievably, I feel exiled (by my own choice, let it be said) from my country home, I’m devoid of creative spark, and I feel, literally, poor.

Ironically, I’m currently writing a book of recipes, for food and for life: perhaps my flagship recipe should be ‘Idiot Stew, and how to make it (tip: it tastes best in hindsight). I’m also writing the sequel to my gothic spoof, Lady Charlotte’s Dilemma – and that kind of depresses me, because I wish I was writing War and Peace. And I wish I was home.

What is it they say? This, too, shall pass. I know it will.

In the meantime, maybe I’ll amuse myself writing a collection of sour love stories…of which The Plate will be one.


  1. Sorry to hear this news. I wondered if something was up based on that question you posted on FB that we had a bit of back and forth about.

    Take care of yourself.

      1. They do get sorted, but it doesn’t take the difficulty and pain away. I think most people who know me in real life likely think I’m a pessimist and cynic and incredibly negative. The reality is, however, that I am incredibly optimistic. Otherwise, I would have given up long ago.

  2. Oh that is not an easy place to be. I hope you can find yourself once more, but healing takes time and energy. In the meantime, take care of you.

    1. What gets me down most is the way you’re still tangled up together financially and in terms of home ownership, even though you really want to leave the whole thing behind and move on, you’ve got this big trail of dangling ropes behind you. As it were. But thanks so much for the support.

  3. Sad is ok – even if self-initiated … but still never fun … so look ahead with a smile and the joy of the cookbook.

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