What would you like written on your tombstone?

Who’s worse overseas, Americans (think guy in peak cap outside Eiffel Tower asking plaintively ‘How come no one in this here place speaks English?’) or Aussies (think guy in dirty thongs in front of the Taj Mahal asking ‘Hey mate, where can yer get a beer around here’)?

What’s more dangerous, an American backyard (think grandma waving her automatic rifle at a stray grizzly bear and shooting the neighbour dead instead) or an Aussie backyard (sort of like a Russian Sword Dance, only with snakes to leap over instead of swords, and tarantulas dropping onto your head while you do it).

What do you want on your tombstone? Here lies Jane Smith, born ages ago, died recently, enough said? Or, here lies Jane Smith, who once spent $25 on a bag of overpriced charity popcorn and didn’t regret it one bit?

Can you locate happiness with a GPS? Nah, the ocean gets in the way.

Why these questions? Well, they’re part of an ‘interview’ I did with Tom Gose, the eclectic and inspirational author of Your GPS to Happiness, Chicken Apes and Body Shapes, and the amusing travel memoir Peanut Butter and Passports. I use the word ‘interview’ advisedly. We tried to Skype but apparently I sounded like Donald Duck, so Tom very kindly recorded his own video instead. And let me say, truthfully, I just loved it. Tom is wise, funny, interesting and insightful, and should really have his own podcast (and probably, he does).

And what do I want on my tombstone? Here lies Rose (not her real name) who lived a full life (not really), gave constantly of herself to others (well, occasionally) and died peacefully in a rocking chair out in the sun (yes, really. Hope so, anyway). Bit long? What’s on yours, then?

And here’s my (very odd, bit long) video with Tom Gose (at last – it’s taken me weeks to find video editing that’s easy enough for even ME to use. THANK YOU Wondershare Filmore) And, of course, THANK YOU Tom https://tomgose.com/ Ps, If you’re wondering why there’s a picture of a goanna in this post, it’s because that’s the Aussie monster that makes even Tom Gose’s iron-hard Special Forces friend hide under the couch…



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