Don’t worry about missing the life train, there’ll be another one along in a minute

A letter to my children…

It’s ok to spend your time grouching and moaning about the way things have worked out for you.  After all, it’s not like you’re on some incredible round-the-world trip you’ve saved up for years to afford, and you have to have a great time (and take plenty of photos) otherwise you’ll look like a complete idiot.

Actually, on the kind of trip most of us are on, we spend a third of our time sleeping, 5% on the loo, 8% waiting for stuff to happen, 10% driving to places, 10% watching mindless tv, and a whopping 36% earning enough currency so we can do it all again the next 24 hours.  And no, those figures don’t add up.

So why not whinge, get cranky with the neighbours, write letters to the paper about people with the wrong sexual orientation wanting to defile marriage as we know it, and lie down and have yourself a lovely sulk?  There’s plenty of time for all that, right?

Um, no.  If we fail Life, you don’t get another go at it.  And when I say fail, I don’t mean ‘fail to succeed’, I mean ‘fail to try’.   Sure, we can’t really live like every day is our last (because if it was, we’d spend every cent we had enjoying it, and then what would become of tomorrow?).  But we don’t want to live like we’re immortal, either.  I know you think they’ll invent the elixir of youth in a few years – but don’t count on it.

Me, I feel that the quality of my time matters.  I guess I feel that I matter.  I’m important enough to warrant the VIP Life Experience, which for me comes with the joy of creation, the rush of romantic love, and lots of bananas for my inner ape woman.  To me, you’re also a VIP – that goes without saying.   But this isn’t a prize you get because other people think you’re worth it.  This isn’t something to consider yourself entitled to.  This is something you give yourself – yes, and something you earn.

This is your once in a lifetime trip.  Don’t waste it.

What do you NOT want to regret, when you reach 99 (IF you reach 99. Here’s hoping!)

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  1. Hello Rose! I’ve been away so long, but how lovely to see that you’re still writing. And I love this post! I recently decided that failure for me could be defined as not having tried.

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