Turnips for breakfast

I’m about to move to Paradise.

You know how moving is.  Your house is full of boxes.  Every spare moment you’re thinking about your to-do list – hire the moving truck, get the carpets cleaned, disconnect the gas….

So you don’t get much time for keeping up with blog friends (or any kind of friend, really) – in fact, half the time you and your computer are having a long-distance relationship anyway.  It’s at the place you WERE staying for the time being while you’re at the OTHER place.  I’m talking about the last six months.  But –

Paradise is beckoning.  Here it is.


As an urban chick who knows f-all about fencing, solar panels, fireweed, chickens and how to maintain virtually anything – I’m moving out to the country and going fully (well nearly) sustainable.  I mean, cooking your own bread over a fire, eating stuff you’ve grown in the vege patch, off-the-grid electricity, bathe in mountain-stream kind of sustainable.  And leaving my day job.  This is a what you might call a BIG move!

And of course, I’ll write.  Paradise has internet, luckily (solar-powered, satellite-facilitated) so as soon as I get myself hooked up to it, I will blog.  Well, hey, I’ll have precious little else to do except…fight the bush and lose.  New start, new blog – called Turnips for Breakfast.  Why? Cause that’s what I’ll probably be reduced to before I get the organic Weeties production line up and running.

Three weeks to go and then…pfff!   And by the way, PLEASE consider buying my friend Irena’s cookbook, Lifting the Lid off the Goulash – or sharing the link with your friends on Facebook.  She’s been the victim of elder abuse and could really do with both the moral support and the money (and it’s a great book!). Alternatively, I would love it if you could try making one of her recipes (see my previous post, I’ll be adding more recipes shortly) and send me a photo of it that I can post!


      1. I’ll make sure to look you up if I do. We have some friends who live in Picton who keep pushing for us to visit. If I ever develop the desire to sit on an airplane for a dozen hours or so, I’ll be there.

  1. Wow, there is much envy here at Tribble Towers, and a genuine wish for your success in the self-sufficiency field. I’ll be reading with interest.

    I will ask hubby for pennies to buy your friend’s book too, because you can never have enough recipe books x

    1. That is so kind of you, Mrs Tribble. And you know if you ever fancy a holiday from Tribble Towers down to the far south coast, we’re near Merimbula and you would be very welcome to drop in for a cuppa and a dip in the creek!

  2. Wow, I love when someone downsizing chooses a positive new lifestyle and doesn’t just give everything up. Your soul must be soaring. Very best wishes to you, and I’ll see you at your new blog.

  3. Looking forward to reading about your new life. Weather, wildlife attacks, crop failure, the eventual resort to cannibalism, … all material for new stories 🙂

  4. My wife would LOVE to be in your shoes!
    She’s begging me to move to the country, but I work in the city and I’m in no hurry to take on a mortgage again.

  5. Fair enough…we’ve got a big mortgage for this place, but I have lots of equity in my city home (which I’m renting) so that more or less covers it. If I sell my place in the city, I’d have no mortgage here (but no rent either) – I”m very lucky to be in that position. That said, I work here too – so I do have money coming in. I think I really like it here!

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