Staying Happy – Remembering today and forgetting about yesterday

When you’re trying to be happy but shit happens…

Today I was happy, because River God was in a good mood.  He was huggable, he was kissable, he was talkative.  He’d had a good time bicycling around the lake in the rain, got sopping wet, and that brightened his hippy heart.  So he came around full of cheer and romance, and because I’m a bit of a litmus paper, I soaked it all up and was happy too.

Yesterday, things were different.  I was at River God’s country residence, it was stinking hot, and we had a disagreement about the correct way to fill buckets with used bathwater.  It was too hot to cuddle, it was almost too hot to be near each other, it was definitely too hot to consider intimate relations. River God was cross because in the middle of the night I crept out to my car with an old duvet and slept in the back of it, in the cool.  “You shouldn’t have come then!” he mumbled (as one does in the small hours), meaning “I feel bad about you being uncomfortable but worse now you’ve done something about it’.

I’m one of those people who is fine as long as the people I care about are busy cherishing me.  I wilt under criticism, coolness and being temporarily ignored.  So the trick for me is to hold the memory of today (cherished, adored) against the memory of yesterday (grumped upon) until the sun shines again.  I know there’ll be lots of sunny days and plenty of thundery ones too.  So cheer up, me, and think of the good times.

Oh, and this is the country estate (roundabouts).  You may think it looks nice, all blue and everything.  But trust me, it’s much better when it’s all grey and misty, because that’s when River God’s trees grow.  This is what the morning of a stinker looks like.

Rye Park


  1. Extreme heat has a way of bringing out the surliness in all of us. Of course, so does extreme cold, which is what we have today in my neck of the woods. Hmm, maybe that’s why I’m feeling so grumpy…

  2. Ah, relationships, aren’t they fun? All hearts and flowers and favorite love songs all the time. I’d trade our bone-chilling cold for your awful heat any day of the year. They’re calling off school all around here tomorrow because the wind chill freezes the little skin off the little noses in about 10 minutes. Our high temperature here tomorrow will be about 7 below zero F, which is around 22 below 0 in your communist pinko hippie Celsius degrees. 😉 Did you know that your 40 below and our 40 below are exactly the same? Ass-freezing cold. Good to hear you write again, Rose. Yes, as you say, live for the good times, I guess. But then, like I tell people here, it’s not how awfully cold it is today that sucks, it’s that there’s nothing good in the extended forecast, like nothing above -10 C for the next ten days. Then again, you’re probably around 85-95 F for the next 10 days I suppose? Those are July temps around here, and days when one does not dare forget to use the Gold Bond medicated powder in certain areas before leaving for work, ha ha.
    Well, it was nice chatting with you about the weather.

  3. Gold Bond medicated powder? Could this be the answer to all my romantic problems? What the hell is it? You know to us, 40 degrees under sounds exciting – imagine waking up to snow and ice! Unheard of here, just about. Relationships – well now, wouldn’t everyone really rather have one with a bot of some sort? (I sure wouldn’t program mine to sulk)

  4. I reckon heat’s worse because the only defense against it is electricity and machines. You just need layers with cold. I opened my blinds to snow here this morning… complete shock. I was expecting just drizzle as usual. Shit Buddha Forgot to Say was great. I laughed out loud many times. Twas good shit, great company while I had the flu (or maybe a cold) Many congrats!

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