I donated money to a homeless guy – and he paid me back!!

You know the scenario.  A fellow blogger says they’re a homeless single dad struggling to provide for their litte girl.  They ask kind-hearted people to donate, to help them get back on their feet.  You think, right.  They’re probably living in a condo in Florida and spending all the money on champagne.

But – on the offchance,and because you’re in the midst of a ‘goodness’ spree – you DO donate.  Then you forget about it.  If he’s swilling champagne, so be it.  If he’s been able to buy his kid shoes for school, so much the better.

But today, I got an email from a guy I donated to more than a year ago, thanking me for my contribution and offering to PAY ME BACK!  Here’s what he said:

On 6/28/2013 you donated 20 dollars to me and my daughter when we were facing homelessness and I would like to repay the same dollar amount back to you. I would have love to pay you some interest on your donation but because Paypal took out processing fees from your donation I did not receive the full donation but I want to repay you your full donation amount. 
I have not gotten out of my financial crisis but I am slowly getting out and I think I can easily repay your donation without it cause me and my daughter any financial hardship then the one I have in my heart with owing and burdening society with my crisis. 
Therefore, I would like to send out a check to your home address today but I would like to confirm and verify your mailing address I have on file before I mail the check out (etc etc).
I thank you for your generosity and support. 


Jorge Luis Oyola

Well I never!  Obviously I declined his offer to return the money, but I am really pleased, anyway – both because my trust in Jorge was vindicated and because he IS back on his feet.  And by the way, my tongue-in-cheek account of the wild goodness spree in question is on Amazon for free (KDP Select) from the 24th to the 28th December, right here.


  1. What a lovely story – there isn’t enough of this in the world!

    Now I appear to be plugging some random Kindle book I just bought, by some girl named Rose… I can’t imagine why! 😉

      1. Well; I used to be Missus Tribble/The Rose Wine Lover. But I’ve stopped drinking, so I may as well use my other (true life) persona 😀

    1. I don’t like those charming young people who say hi and then try to get you to give a regular credit card donation. The cause is good, but I only have room for one or two (or five).

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