Hating Men

Imagine a world without men.

I guess the women would fight a bit. But probably not with nuclear weapons or sub-machine guns. There’d obviously be a lot of girl on girl action.  But probably not much rape.  There’d be hierarchies, with bossy women at the top and fieldmice at the bottom.  But there’d be no pronouncements that women by their very nature need to be submissive and obedient to some other gender which happened to be born with a penis. Children would be abused, at times, by women who were stern, frustrated, or just cruel.  But there would probably not be child trafficking and pornography on the scale that exists in the world right now.

There’d be no men trying to prove they know everything (or at least more than the other guy), no men interrupting you when they’re bored by your two-minute’s worth of self-focused conversation, no men having their little tantrums when the fridge is out of beer or you didn’t put their shirt in the wash, no men who can see the wood but never the trees, no men who make up ridiculous religions where god looks just like them and makes His rules to match, no men who ask for naked pictures on the internet from women they’ve just met, no men who believe in the ‘red pill’…

Imagine a world without MY men.  Sweet, silly, generous, charming, well-meaning, muddled and kissable.  What would the world be like without them? Would we really mind if they died out and were somehow replaced by sperm banks?  I’m not sure.

Coming next?  Hating Women (but someone else will have to write it.  Mind you, they probably already have).


  1. It sounds like heaven. Women have the power to make it happen. It would take a bit of organising but it is eminently do-able, and without any violence too. Simply stop giving birth to boys. You know it makes sense.

      1. ..so get on to it. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll finish. Give me paradise in my lifetime.

      1. I read something where one sex (it was girls in this one) were all stuck on one planet. Eventually their Queen got the hots for a guy back on earth and they re-united, but in real life, I think we’d just stick with our nice gentle gossipy planet.

    1. I know, that’s the thing – our men are alright, it’s the species that’s the problem. It’s like cats – beautiful cuddled up on your pillow, but a terror in the garden.

    1. I actually like men, hard to believe as it is, insofar as they’re just women with penises. I like how they stop to help with flat tyres and have fragrant armpits. But I do think that as a group, they are the source of most things I don’t like about humans. Women can be shits but they’re a bit more ineffective about it, and they’re at their shittiest when they’re just trying to copy, like Maggie Thatcher or Golda Meir. Anyway, I think testosterone-enhanced humans are dying out anyway due to all the female hormone in the water etc, so perhaps we just have to wait for our male-free paradise to come.

    2. I know – it’s a pretty mean thing to say about men and if I were a man – other than Mick that is – I’d be cranky. Men ARE always getting blamed for stuff, the serious stuff that is. For a nice man, who doesn’t do patriarchy, you wouldn’t want to be tarred with the same brush – like saying all black people are out to rob you, or all Chinese like gambling, or whatever. And yet, and yet…war is the most evil thing in the human world, and after that, religion. And who mostly runs wars and religions? You gotta ask yourself.

      1. I guess this is where I disagree … about the idea that war and religion is somehow a creation of man or made possible by men or made worse by men. I’m relatively comfortable with the idea that things wouldn’t change if women were in charge. I think it has more to do with the corruption of power than with testosterone or a difference between men and women.

      2. Fair enough. Do you think, then, that there isn’t a difference between men and women (psychologically, I mean)? I have heard and read that if women take testosterone supplements they become more aggressive, confident and energetic, and that if men take oestrogen they start crying in movies (a friend whose husband had prostate cancer attested to this). It seems to me that the old T is the hormone mainly responsible for aggression in humans, at least (though of course women do have some of it anyway). But I agree, people do tend to act badly when they have power over others.

    1. Patriarchy is a total drag. Ive only woken upa bit to my own participation in it in the last couple of years. But I think women can be just as craven as men in their operations.

      1. What annoys me about patriarchy is, two thirds because men do it, and one third, because women let them. We women lack backbone, at times (which makes me wonder, if you secretly gave women testosterone en masse, would the patriarchy just fold? No more ‘he hit me but I’m going back to him because he says he loves me now’ – instead you’d get ‘he hit me so I thumped him back and now he’s in hospital wishing he didn’t’.

      2. Goes beyond explicit acts like physical violence. But on that if women let it happen there’d probably be an element of them having come to believe in patriarchal type values themselves. So theyd need a testosterone injection and therapy. But it does seem like it exists because men were stronger ultimately.

  2. So my son says, and I guess it does come down to brute strength in the end. Maybe a better solution is all women being issues with zappers which can only be operated by people with working boobs.

    1. I just meant patriarchy is often more about unconscious attitudes rather than something you do. Thats what ive noticed in myself. Havent been running around beating women or anything. But thats beside the point of the post which was pretty clear and spot on really. Men are the bad ones as things stand. No arguing it!

  3. This is short, but very interesting! I would be afraid that *I* would take the place of some of those, as would other women, because I tend to be so self-sufficient, independent, and competitive. I like being the best at everything :S

  4. Would not a counterpoint to this be that the increase in female politicians in the US and Canada did not make those countries any kinder or more peaceful and female leaders of other countries have shown to be no less bellicose and no more compassionate as male ones?
    Also, in the US, the female juvenile justice system has exploded with girls showing as much ability and inclination toward crime and violence as boys.
    The only thing that would make this planet better would be if all of the human beings died or went away, IMHO.

    1. Yes, that’s why I’m contemplating a post called ‘Hating Humans’. I agree with much of what you say, but there is no country I know of where the majority of politicians are female. So where a leader or a few pollies are women, they more or less have to be males with vaginas to fit in. It’s also true that girls can do crime with the best of them, but I think the majority of violent offenders are still guys. I could be incorrect in that, though – maybe things have changed. The basic fact is that testosterone is by its nature a hormone which increases aggression, in anyone who has it, male or female. At least, so I think. And males do tend to have more of it.

      1. I have somewhat a feeling that we are agreeing more than disagreeing here. Another way to look at it might be that female politicians have as much of a range of abilities and political views as do male ones, e.g. in the U.S., we have Michelle Bachman on the far-left and Elzabeth Warren on the far-right. I am looking forward to seeing “Hating Humans.”

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