I dunno why….but I friggin HATE you!

There’s this woman.

She’s got a grey crew-cut, a man-shirt and pants, usually cut off mid-calf with sensible shoes and short white socks.  She always smiles when she sees me and says ‘Hello Rose, how are you?’ as if she really wants to know.  I should appreciate that.

She’s got this pet topic, and whenever there’s a conference or a meeting ON this topic, she’s always invited to speak on it.  If the meeting ISN’T about the topic, she still speaks on it.  Hell, she organises her whole life around this topic, and even the filing system at the place where she works is bloody well organised around – The Topic.

She’s an academic, which means she thinks progress has been made on The Topic if someone has written a Framework, or outlined the Principles, or published Guidelnes, or held a Forum.  She likes the word ‘discourse’.  She also likes to say things are ‘wonderful’ and ‘amazing’ – things like ninety year olds getting into yoga, or international resolutions on the right to a clean street signed up to by Guatemala and Nigeria.  She is deeply into The Legend of Me, Myself, I.

I can’t see this woman without wanting to shoot her.  I’m sorry.  I just really, really hate her.  For no very good reason (other than being stuck in a room with her boring on and on for half a day, on a couple of occasions).  It reminds me of my dog, Coffee, who has this thing about a little curly-tailed pug that goes for a walk past our door twice a day.  It’s a nice little dog.  But Coffee just goes ballistic about it – clearly he’d like nothing better than to rip its harmless little ears off.  ‘Enemy dog’, we call it.

Have you got anyone you feel like that about – who just brings out the mean bitch in you?  Do tell.



    1. But do you go on…and on…and on…I’m sure you don’t, Carrie, you’re far too interesting a person to do that. I don’t hate academics per se, anyway – it’s just the way this woman thinks that she’s actually done something for people when she’s only written some document explaining how you SHOULD do something for people.

    1. Is she like that? I have to admit, I think the shoes and socks (sometimes sandals and socks!!) with cut off man-pants is an awful look. But if I liked The Woman, that wouldn’t matter.

  1. I so understand this feeling. There is a woman who drives me to a hate I do not experience with anybody else. She does not miss an opportunity to attack people who do not agree with her political position especially me. She does this by throwing acerbic ironical comments addressed with a smile. Appearance has nothing to do with this sort of people. They are self-centred insensitive women who think they are always in the right. I tend to keep away from them if I can.

    1. I think with some people, they just push your buttons – it’s not about them, it’s not about you, it’s about you and them. That said, yours sounds like a right so and so, I’d hate her too!

  2. Oh dear. I know I used to know a couple of people in my lifetime who act as is they are the center of the universe, the be all, end all but can’t think of who they were. Since I retired, I’ve changed and I believe it’s much more difficult when you’re working a day job and mixing with people who need to pump themselves up. My pet peeve is complainers: they complain about everything and anything. Drives me N.U.T.S. 😮

    1. Me too. A little whinge is ok – everyone likes to have one sometimes – but people who can’t stop whingeing make you want to shout ‘DO something about it then!’ – if only ‘change your attitude’.

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