I know people who know people…no I mean People, you know?

Do you boast?

I’m reading this thing about Notorious Australian Women of times past and I’ve noticed that half the potted biographies are taken up with ‘she of course mingled with the famous beauty Lady Pilkington…who in turn was the mistress of artist Dudley Picasso and friend of outspoken lesbian cartoonist Vivienne Hummingbird..’.  This being obviously a big tick for anyone with pretensions to glory-by-association.

I once had a boyfriend who sat next to an ex-Prime Minister of Australia at a cricket match (and chatted!).  Another one came within ten feet of Julia Gillard as she trotted around Parliament House, spent a family Christmas with David Attenborough, and exchanged brief fishy glances with Prince Charles at an officer training academy.  And my dad’s best friend wrote a book which was turned into a cult movie. So there.

I used to like the idea that one day, someone would boast that they had once come within ten feet of ME.  “I met Rose – yes THE Rose – once when she was a mere filing clerk” that person would say, and their friend would go “Really? You’re kidding.  THE Rose?”

Well, it’s not going to happen.  But isn’t it funny how we care?



  1. It might happen! I’m pretty sure that one day I’ll say “Yeah, she let me read and critique her first book, the one she self published before the major publishing houses fought over her.”
    yep, I’m pretty sure that’s how that conversation will go!

  2. I once had my foot stepped on by some bulky guy who had been on telly, and was walking backwards at the time. He did say sorry, and I mumbled something, but it wasn’t the beginning of a great friendship sparked off by his saying,” I just have to look in your eyes and I know you make great marmalade or any other observation.” That’s it for me, and that concludes my stroll through the hall of fame. Never mind eh. Time to put the kettle on. Loved the post as you can tell

    1. I knew a girl whose boyfriend used to flip burgers with BP back when he worked at some fast food joint…anyway what was he like back at school? Mobbed by girls, that kind of thing? Up himself?

    1. yeah so would I! But I’d, you know, know I was boasting. My ex who used to name drop, didn’t think it was that at all. He was just like ‘Well I DID have Christmas lunch with David Attenborough so…!’

  3. Sean Keveny has a spot on the radio called small claims court – my favourite is a guy who rode Brian Blessed’s horse round his aunt’s back garden. It’s not the bare facts, just the weirdness of how it happened.

  4. I once had a very close interaction with our president. I was one of those asked to vacate the front row seats at church so that the president and his entourage could sit there. Ah, story of my life!

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