Monopoly – the new novel

Green is an ordinary girl with an annoying name.  And a birthmark.  One unexpected night in Budapest opens up a world she didn’t know existed – didn’t want to know existed.  A world of gods, beautiful and dangerous, of signs, secret and curious, of people she’s never met who want to kill her for a reason she can’t understand.  Engaged to a man who loves her, but drawn to a strange being from another dimension, Green is part of a deadly game.  In this first novel of three, she must try to find out exactly what part she plays before she becomes just another piece in the puzzle.

 Long ago, immortals disagreed. The Red and the Gold fought for supremacy over a newborn universe, creating worlds and destroying them in a single day.

There was no right side, no wrong. Neither clan was good, neither evil. In fact the concepts had no meaning to them, in that time, and still do not. But there was love, and frustration, and greed, and joy and ambition and envy and much else.

Eventually a halt was called, and the clans agreed that they would no longer vent their violence and fury on one another. Instead they created one world, and on it, they created life. With this plaything, they played a great Game. All their energies were bent towards this Game, in which living creatures played the parts from which the immortals had agreed to withdraw, on their own account.

As another safeguard from war, the clans agreed to merge, Red with Gold and Gold with Red. Some formed partnerships. Zeus became Ra, and Ra Zeus. Isis joined with Athena, and became one. Others were assigned to each other as mates, and had children in whom Red and Gold were inextricably mixed.

For a long time – longer than humans can imagine – there was peace among the immortals, if not on earth. The price of peace is boredom, and mortals paid it.

Yep, it’s an excerpt from my new novel, Monopoly – the first (I hope) of three.  If you like it (and I’ll post more excerpts just in case you can’t tell from this one) let me know and I’ll let you have a free electronic copy.  Once it’s published, that is.  Right now it’s only in draft and being looked at by the Critics.  If you feel like being one of those, likewise let me know – and of course I can return the favour and rip your new novel to shreds too.

Just kidding.



  1. That sounds so interesting! Almost like Percy Jackson, but with a cool twist. 🙂 I’d totally read it, if you want me to. (But I’m going to be away for a week in July, so it’d be more like August until I could get any thoughts to you). Let me know!

    1. Thanks! I don’t know how long it’ll take me to put out there and revise – probably at least till August, so if you’re happy to read it, that would be wonderful!

  2. Yay! A new one! (I was just telling a friend about “Deeper” last night. timing!) You KNOW I’d love to read it! It sounds amazing! (but. of course, I’m already a fan!)

    1. No well, it’s partly because I now have a boyfriend, and they do take a bit of emotional effort, not to mention time. But I don’t forget to write. Thanks for the good wishes, anyway!

  3. Can be. But I guess it’s my fault too, and work and stuff. It’s all a bit much right now, I’m dying for a break! I get one in a fortnight, too – a week in the Daintree!

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