Sleeping – like living, but better

Is there anything in the world better than being asleep?

Being in bed is pretty good.  Ideally, I’d like to be there for about 20 hours out of every 24.  Everything is more fun when it’s done in bed.  Dancing (horizontal, naturally, and I’m not referring to THAT, you dirty minded person).  Eating – especially when someone else brings it.  Reading – where else can you finish two full size novels in a day?  Sex, obviously (and yes I have tried other locations – nothing compares to a good old mattress).  Conversation – when you turn the lights off and pull the blankets up, you learn things about people you’d never winkle out of them in a month of couch sessions (and then you can blackmail them – earn while you lounge).

In short, why ever get out of it?

Except to sing songs about it.  If you wonder why these songs of mine all have a backdrop of grungy old water bottles and bookshelves, it’s because the only technical equipment I’ve got is a webcam, and I’m damned if I’m going to point that thing at myself.

Oh, and the uncomfortable pause at the start?  That’s me clicking around to find the backing track and stuff.  Happens to everyone.  I’m sure I’ve heard that at the beginning of, um, insert popular song of your choice.


    1. It’s good..except that when you’re adult your mum no longer fluffs your piillows and brings you food. Your partner’s supposed to – but that’s never quite worked out for me.

  1. Sleep is indeed wonderful, but it’s not as blissful as it used to be. For some reason, I now find myself all contracted and twisted, resulting in all sorts of aches and pains. What? Did I just hear my sons telling me I’m getting old? Shhhh…

    1. yeah, i know what you mean – I’m always turning over cause one hip’s sore, then the other one gets sore. But I’m older than you – you’re just a spring chicken.

  2. Very fun post. There is an old story with three riddles in it, and one of them asks what the sweetest thing in the world is. The rich man answers that it is honey from his beehives, but the poor overworked peasant says, “When one is tired and sad, what can be sweeter than sleep?”

    1. You needed to date more slobs – or cats. I have my smelly little pomeranian in bed, she likes nothing better than to cuddle up to the boyfriend. Not sure if that’s his opinion – he’s very tolerant so far.

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