Where can I get a black leather zimmer frame?

On the weekend, me and the most beautiful man in the entire universe went to a Rock Concert and it was awesome!! (I use that word advisedly)

So, it’s in this little park in a small town on the south coast of Oz, and we get there, and about half the crowd are over sixty and fat as marshmallows, but that doesn’t stop them from rocking out, no it does NOT!  I see leopard print leggings, busting black bikini tops, black leather over arms with more tattoos than Angry Anderson, pink hair, blue hair, white hair cascading to cut-off clad buttocks, and a guy wandering round looking very serious with a roller cane trundling along in front of him!  Oh yeah!

And the bands come out and it’s like, these guys are old…are these guys OLD?  NO.  They shout and they jump in the air and they belt out the lyrics to songs they wrote thirty years ago and songs they wrote six months ago, and they grin at the crowd and the crowd waves its arms (crowds are just one thing, you understand) and if it hadn’t been for my beautiful river god I would’ve been backstage like a flash seeking groupie privileges after the show (not really, but they were hot!).

And we go right up the front and we get our eardrums blasted off, I still haven’t found my left one yet, and we hug and we kiss and we go in the ‘misting tent’ – cause it’s about 35 degrees celsius and sunny as – and stand with all the other oldies and some youngies going ‘ahhh, that’s great, that’s amazing!’ as cold water comes down on our heads and I wish I’d decided to wear a white tee-shirt instead of a yellow one, because, you know, I’m (still) an exhibitionist at heart.

Then I drive home with my hero at the wheel, who handles a car like a pro (actually he is a pro) and we play our favourite songs, and he nearly dumps me because I accidentally hit something on my ipod while the Stones are on and it skips right in the middle to Shakira – but I get the Stones on again and am forgiven.

So for the record, here’s what we went to hear…for my money Joe Camilleri was the BEST……………

but the Angels were pretty damn good too (though a bit loud)- naturally we shouted NO WAY GET F’CKED F’CK OFF! at the top of our voices…

and you would not believe Suzi Quatro was a day over eighty.



  1. I’m an introvert too, but apart from the crowd it was just the two of us, and really when we’re together the rest of the world is just backdrop. But I do have an inner head banger, I have to admit!

    1. It was, it was a great show! It was nice to see that people don’t typecast themselves – like, just because you’re 60 it means you can’t rock it in leopard print? No! But it does look a little funny.

  2. You know … all I can say is that I read this post and just feel so much happiness for you. Hold on to it and let it grow.

    1. thanks Mark. I hope it does grow, I’m having a ball right now. But I tell myself, live for the moment, if it doesn’t laugh, you can’t take that moment away. And Shane is pure delight and deliciousness.

  3. Goddamn computers–it douched my comment. So you found yourself a bloke; here I thought we had something special even though we’ve never met and we’re 8000 miles apart or so. Please let him know that’s just “blogging-buddies” humor so he doesn’t fly up here and pop me in the snotter. Wish it was summer here; it’s about 95 degrees colder here or about 50 degrees celcius colder I think. Loved the line about Suzi not being over 80. Rock on!

    1. yeah I’ve had the damn computer do that. Anyway Trailer, I waited and waited for you to turn up on my doorstep, but finally I gave up hope and went for second best – what else could I do! And my bloke doesn’t read my blog, he can barely type (but he makes up for it in other ways, needless to say).

      1. Your kind and funny answer made me laugh my butt off. I was watching my doorstep for you since you are the world traveler. I would have borrowed money for a ticket had I only known, ha ha. Seriously, I’m glad you have found someone and even gladder that you blogged. I keep forgetting you have that other blog. I’ve started a 2nd one that I don’t think I can keep going, but intend to introduce to my TTD audience soon, or else quit doing it. Always a pleasure to “converse” with you.

  4. Age is just a number. The rolling chair group are dead and GONE. The young at heart are out at concerts dancing and screaming. I can’t see it any other way.

    I went to a L-O-U-D rock concert in the part last summer. Similar crowd to yours: canes, walkers and wheelchairs didn’t slow anyone down. 😀 😀 😀

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