About finding things difficult, and so on..

A gripping intro, I know.

In a month Ms M and I set out on our big European adventure.  Meanwhile tradesmen clomp through my house modernising as they go, which will be great when it’s done – but right now brings hassle, dust and inconvenience.  And I’m trying to finish a first draft of my third book, a (hopefully) funny look at what happens when good intentions meet the real world (last year’s karmic challenge, transmogrified into a non-fiction book).  I can’t think of a title….any suggestions?

  1. Oh and That’s Another Thing.. (only I think someone’s already taken it)
  2. Shit Buddha Forgot To Say (should I really swear in a title?)
  3. What IS the point, actually!  Earning points in a pointless world
  4. About Those Virgins (one woman’s quest to get into heaven the back way)

Amidst all this I’ve just read KingMidget’s latest work, Weed Therapy.  It’s interesting to me that Weed Therapy is almost the mirror image (in a way) of A Warm Wind, a novel I wrote some time ago about the end of my marriage (in fact, when I wrote it, my marriage was still limping along but anyone reading the book would have to have seen the End coming).

Weed Therapy is about a man who finds his wife irritatingly laid back and his children distant and unloving (to him, anyway).  A Warm Wind was about a woman who finds her husband irritatingly mundane and her kids constricting and tiresome.  If Kelvin of Weed Therapy and Anthea of A Warm Wind were married, the outcome would be much as it is in our respective books – HE would think she was lazy, undisciplined and self-indulgent, and SHE would think he was rigid, domineering and judgemental.  But they both yearn for passion and real, lasting love.

The odd thing is that in both books (and in my case, in ‘real life’) the main characters are drawn to their partners because of the differences – Kelvin’s Holly is easygoing, funloving, relaxed, while Anthea’s Declan is reliable and unthreatening.  But it’s because of these differences that they eventually can’t stand one another.

Well, c’est la vie.

Anyway, if I haven’t been visiting as often as I should have, it’s not that I don’t care, it’s just that I don’t care (no that’s a line out of some movie).  It’s actually that I’m feeling kind of low and hassled.  Better later!


  1. I’m reading Weed Therapy now, too, and I thought of A Warm Wind as well! It’s interesting to explore things from a man’s perspective this time, especially when that male character is so much like me. (Not that I’m pining to leave my family!) Mark has a talent for description, and his words are smooth as butter.

    I hope to get to your newest novel next. Have a great time on your European vacation. How exciting!

  2. You deserve your upcoming vacation. Living under construction is the pits. Personally, I turn into an ogre because I’m a control freak (I suppose).
    Isn’t it strange how two people think in a similar fashion regarding the books you mention. I haven’t read them so cannot comment.

    1. Ah well, you should (read the books)! It’s funny, my house is normally a bit messy so you’d think I wouldn’t mind. But I like things to be in their place (even if that’s a heap on the bedroom floor).

  3. You know, it’s funny. When I posted my review of A Warm Wind, you commented to me that I was one of the few people who got it. Well, you’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head with your post here. Thanks.

  4. The “like” is just a support thing, not an “oh, she’s hassled and grumpy. Fantastic!” thing.

    Congrats on almost finishing another book.
    How about “Everything I Know…I Wish I’d Learned Beforehand”.
    I was going to use that as the title of my one man sock-puppet show, but it’s been banned due to health considerations (what? New socks are expensive.) so feel free if it fits.

  5. I like #4, but for some reason, a play on the term Karmic or Cosmic bicycle comes to mind. Something about being easy to do, once you climb on, but one that can lead to horrendous crashes. I on’t know why.

  6. How about “The Ironic reality of Good Intentions”, our lives with our partners should always be taken with a grain of salt anyways. Greater moles hills are built on less could be another title but then this would require a closer look, no pun intended. Please understand my comment is spoken after going through this myself.I like your work, thanks.

  7. A gripping intro – yes 🙂
    Busy, BUSY – and holidaying soon. Awesome. Utterly awesome. Do you plan to blog – or spasmodically, or just when you get back in fond recall?

    Huge congrats THIRD book!!! OMG doing one was a great feat for me.

    Re the title, honest opinion is I don’t reckon swear in the title because it will stop some people in their tracks. They’ll assume ‘shit’ in the title indicates you’re comfortable with swearing and probably swear all through the book, and then those people will tune out.

    Love your background are colour.

    1. No, I don’t think I’ll blog when away. I’ll write my next (next but one) book, I think, if I have spare time in the evenings. Thanks for the honest opinion – I’m storing them up for reference! You may well be right. Although…there is a little swearing in the book, so maybe if there’s swearing in the title that’ll warn people. Only a little, though, and mostly by Violent Violet.


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