Wedding bells?

You know when you’ve got this huge irrational longing to go somewhere you’ve never been?  Not because it’s nice there, not because your aunt lives there, not because oil’s just been found there.  Just because of the name.

One day at work I was filling in some huge horrible spreadsheet thing to do with local councils.

Whoever said that even the most boring thankless task has a silver lining, was dead right!  Because as I was typing out stuff like ‘Mr A Rabbitt, Lord Mayor, Little Whopping, Pop 102’, I was filled with longing to go to these places, just so I can gaze around and say to myself ‘So THIS is ..’.

Somewhere I want to go, just ONCE, is Come-By-Chance. It’s a metaphor for life really, the universe, everything!  We come by chance, stay a while, go by accident – and there you have it.  is there a town called Go By Accident?



There’s a shire in Queensland that goes by the name of Banana.   Banana!   What does that say to the eager visitor?  If you like bananas, come to Banana!  Eat as many bananas as you want! Go on, gorge yourself, we don’t mind.  Not right now though.   I think that might be the road.



And then there’s Humpty-Doo.  If Humpty-Dumpty lived somewhere, that would be where he lived.   I want to LIVE there – just for the kick of having an address like ’Mrs M.Boggles, 42 Rain Parade, Humpty-Doo’.  First I have to find Mr Boggles, though, and marry him.  It’ll be worth it!



  1. We have loads of strange village names here in Ireland. Some of the strangeness is the translating of the name to English from Irish. We have Newtwopothouse, and Leap (Lep) and Horse and Jockey, to name but a few.

      1. Leap would but the other two are new enough villages ( about 100 years old) so got their names through English.
        Many names like Dublin are originally Irish ie Dubh Linn (meaning black pool) but the English pronounced it Dublin.

      2. Fair enough. I like the old Gaelic names though, they sound all ancient and druidic and exciting. I lived in Dubh Linn for a year and didn’t really like it – but the name carried me through.


  2. I’m pretty sure the countries of the former greater United Kingdom have some of the most peculiar place names imaginable. Yes, every country has them, but for the sheer volume and variety, England, Ireland, Scotland, and Australia, have some of the most head scratching names.

      1. I was somewhere recently. That I can no longer remember where speaks to something. Oh wait, I remember now. Fox and Goose — a British pub in Sacramento. On the wall was a map of the London Underground. The station names amazed me. But don’t ask me to remember what any of them were.

      2. Charing Cross. Brixton. Leicester Square…Can’t remember the rest. 30 years ago, I spent a year in London – the tube was great!


    1. oh yeah – I forgot to tell you, this is a Mel-free zone. Sorry! No just kidding, I don’t know why, I’ll look into it, as the bishop said to the actress 🙂


      1. Yes, well, Bishop … I wrote this REALLY funny reply and I got this … “You are NOT ALLOWED to post here …” Ich bin paranoid. Not really.

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