My weight in icecream

Michaela is fifteen, a writer, and feeling ignored. Her blog is a combination of heartfelt honesty and insight. Hop over there and have a look, she’s a delight.


So, it’s come to this.
I’m watching hairspray in tears, a cup of tea on one side, my weight in ice cream on the other.
But I’m making myself feel better, because Tracy Turnblad had all her dreams come true and she was the size of a house. She also received zack effron.
This week I’ve felt SO down. I’ve had news that knocked me off my feet and now it’s the only thing on my mind! It’s my prom on Thursday and I’m really not feeling it, but maybe I will.
I’m so unhappy in so many ways I can’t explain and I shouldn’t be which makes me feel even worse!
Nobody’s listening to me, I’m hoping writing will make me feel better.
But after the day I’ve had today, I think everyone is miserable, they just cover it up with a smile, happy thoughts and a little fairy…

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6 Responses to My weight in icecream

  1. Thankyou very much for this! 🙂

  2. El Guapo says:

    Thanks for the turn-on.

  3. Michaela expresses herself very well. She sounds like a sweet girl–and s talented too.

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