He’s got attitude

“You’re – what?”  She looked him up and down, arms folded smugly over nascent bosom. “You haven’t even got hair on your chest. Or like, sideburns!”

He scuffed a foot on the carpet, spattered with sparkles.  Jesus, he thought, girls’ rooms are so – girly!

“It’s not about hair,” he explained with a hint of frustration, “It’s all about the attitude!”

“Being a werewolf is about HAIR!” she insisted, playing with the curls of her Bratz.

“Well, I’ll probably grow more hair, when I’m older. LOTS more hair.  If you like that kind of thing.”

He thought he heard a thump.

“Are you sure your parents are out?”

“I wouldn’t have said they were if they weren’t, now would I!”

Such long eyelashes. Such fluffy pink socks.  Such – moronity.  If that’s a word.  Still, she’d invited him here, and they were all alone.  So she said.  He absentmindedly picked a blackhead, trying to decide if he should make a move.

“And that’s another thing,” she said playfully, to the doll.  “Werewolves are supposed to have sharp teeth.  And really big muscles.”  She looked disparagingly at the freckled, boyish biceps emerging from his short sleeved shirt.

“They do,” he explained patiently, “when they’re WOLVES.  When we’re in human form, we’re just like anybody else.  Only more – magnetic.  You know, alluring.  To girls.”

She laughed, a high-pitched snort.

“You sure do have attitude – for a werewolf.  But you’re cute in a way.  Want to kiss me?”

He cleared his throat.  Now or never. And leaned in for the kill.

This is the second of five ‘dark fantasy’ stories, to celebrate the fact that my novel, DEEPER, is on Amazon FREE for the next FOUR days.   Join me if you feel in a fey mood, and I’ll link.  Talking about links, PostModern Single has got a very intriguing list of questions over on her site.  What do you consider the most overrated virtue? When would you lie?  Go over and have a go – it’s very thought-provoking (plus, she is also advertising some good books).


      1. Nope. They’re for when I’m old and can’t get about much. I have a lot stored up for then! Do you watch them?


      2. Nope. But me and Mr F watched a thing called The Cabin in the Woods the other night – I had to shut my eyes. It was good though – I recommend it.

      3. I liked it because it’s interesting how it’s half scary, half ordinary office-life movie, and then at the end it’s something completely different!


  1. I read this with the song playing (take it that’s the idea)- Loved it. The effect of the last line with the music was brilliant!

    1. You know what, I never thought of that! I just put the song in so as to make it less, kind of, one dimensional. I’m so glad you did though!


    1. Well, that’s kind of you. I feel guilty, because I meant to read the books in the club but have been reading indie books instead so I can review them.


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