Prostitution, Crime and Cinderella Man

I have no idea whether this man is really in need or not, but decided to give a small amount because it’s better to give and be wrong than withhold and be wrong. Plus, I’ve always felt the rest of the world should give more foreign aid to the poor old US of A.



  1. I am so ashamed in telling you that yes that I have been brought to begging to make sure my daughter does not live on the street. I am not proud in what I have resorted to do but I try everyday looking for honest work, go to agencies for support and so far I don’t fit the requirement until I am evicted living on the street for a while for them to push me to another county to push me to another and in the process my daughter can be taken away from me.

    I don’t know what to do I cry a lot and I try to rebuild my confidence every day and it seems that unless help comes in fast I might just be like the 3 million American sleeping in the streets.

    Call me 785.320.3655

    What can I do and I don’t what else to do.

    My resume is posted on the site hoping for work.

    I thank you for your donation and I will repay it all back when things change in my life and if everyone gave it would be quicker to resolve.

    God Bless
    and call me rest assured your donation is going to help my 7 year old daughter

    1. That’s ok. I wanted to be honest about my thoughts. Thing is, if (as I believe) you are in this awful situation, people should help you, as human beings to one another.  If (as I don’t believe) you are not, what have we lost? $20? So what.  So please don’t take this as a comment on your genuineness.  Whatever your situation is, I want better for you.


    1. It’s about the difference it will make I guess. If it makes no difference to you, take a punt. If it does, don’t do it. Sort of like the god dilemma, but more real (if you believe, you get heaven or nothing, if you don’t, you get nothing or hell, therefore believe!)


    2. I understand but I rather have u call me then question the honesty on the blog because it only looks like we are arguing and people shy away from disagreement.

      Anyway I hope I did everything I could do to ease your mind but if not then it just means the same thing that I have written on my blog people will see the homeless and yet not see them and finger point them to be a menace to society when in my case its been 14 long months not finding work.

      God Bless and I don’t mean to offend anyone.

      1. I am not trying to be impolite because we all know honey attracts more bees then salt and to humble myself when eviction is so near and yet so avoidable is frustrating when work is the answer and no work is available. I just hope that those who are able to spare do so with a clear conscious that a small donation to a family is not a scam but another day of hope. I am so sorry for saying so much and bring this on your foot step but the need is real and I need all the help I can get.

        God Bless and I thank you very much for everything you have done.

      2. I know. Have you tried social services in your area? (I guess you must have tried everything available, but just in case..) What line of work are you in?


      3. I wrote a piece about my social security contribution if it was refundable and they said unless I am 65 or handicap I could not receive any benefits until then

      4. I was thinking more of charities, church or otherwise..The Salvation Army, for instance? Some of them offer financial counselling, which can be good because they can give you referrals to organisations that can negotiate with your landlord. AT least that’s how it works in Australia – it may be more dog eat dog in the US.


      5. Counseling is all they have and VA only has classes and educational loans and counseling I have great skills is that Kansas work is very hard to find. The social services can only help when I am on the streets and that means I have to live on the streets with a child which they will push me county to county until I can find some resources which might take up to a year.

      6. Maybe there are people in Kansas who can help you with work. I’ll ask on facebook, if you like (although I may not get anywhere, my facebook presence is quite limited!)


      7. I have done all that I could and I welcome all the help I can get but in Kansas its a very tight nit group its difficult. My church provided leads but it seems when people know that one is desperate more condition creep out. I again do welcome any help so maybe you can provide some better leads so I welcome it. Are you in Kansas?

      8. No, that’s it, I’m in Australia, and I don’t know a single person in Kansas. Hmm. Sometimes if you get voluntary work it can lead to paid work, and help to make you seem not so desperate.


  2. Rose you are a saint. Your Karma points are iconic! I’m a bit too jaded to go in for these causes. City living, and knowing a bunch of dishonest people does that …

    I am more and more happy I know you every day! xo

    1. Mel I am not! I’m generally jaded too. And glad to know YOU!  Although it is an interesting issue (well just about everything is worth a bit of philosophising to me). Jesus said if a poor man asks for your cloak, give him your shirt too (or something like that, did they have shirts in those days?). But none of us do, nowhere near. Why don’t we? If we did, wouldn’t it be a strange world. Another post?


  3. All these comments were very interesting reading indeed, Rose.

    It’s good you highlighted this man because you wanted to, & did what you wanted to/could. A worthy post.

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