Goodreads – a good way to go? Or…not!

Should the aspiring self-published author try to get on Goodreads?

In a week or so I’m going to make a real pitch to sell my self-published book, Deeper (which isn’t linked, as it isn’t out there yet).  So I’m doing what authors do, sniffing around all the sites where I can promote my book.   I’ve become a member of Goodreads, joined an author/blogger ‘group’, and rated all the books I can think of.

So I notice that when I go on Goodreads, a lot of my Facebook friends are there too.  Most of them are NOT writers – which is good, because if they’re not writers that means they must be readers, right?

So if I can get someone to recommend my book on Goodreads (preferably lots of people) and garner some good reviews, will that help the cause?

Has anyone ‘used’ Goodreads to sell more copies of their book? …

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  1. It can’t hurt, no?

    The typical caution applies – don’t rate or shill your own books through reviews. Too many cautionary tales of people doing that on Goodreads or Amazon. It comes back as a big negative, from what I can tell.

    Then again, the old adage – there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

  2. This was interesting, Rose, what with The James Diary now out on Amazon (but I have yet to do a post announcing that!). I’m relating a lot to any blog about self publishing now. Loving reading other experiences/ideas.

  3. Utilize every outlet you can.
    I wish you nothing but luck. You’re one of my favorite souls and I hope you get everything you want from this experience.

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