Yep, I’m a racist!

One day as me and my (then) 12 year old daughter were discussing personal grooming fads, I happened to say to her,

Anyway, I’m telling you now, if you ever come home with a Brazilian, I’m going to DISOWN you!

And then we laughed.  I think.

Years later she told me that this was a very puzzling moment.

I never thought you were a racist, Mum.  You were always so left wing and everything.  Half your friends were black! I just couldn’t understand what you had against guys from Brazil…

Me neither!

brazilian man


  1. That was a pretty weird comment!

    Daniel and me have discussed how some Asians have a “smell”. We’ve wondered where they get that smell from and Daniel said probably the food they eat, & I agree. Daniel doesn’t have that smell (not even half that smell, being half Asian), so yeah, must be the food.

    Is that a racist observation?

  2. My brother’s spent a lot of time in INdia one way or another and he says that Indians think we stink like carrion. It’s because (apparently) we eat a lot of meat. So – I think different smells are down to the diet, not the skin colour.

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