Confessions of a Sex Crazed Hat Fancier

I know I haven’t been a good blogger lately since I rarely post anything.

Ranin, of Sex and the Arab Woman, you’ve been awesome. Now if everybody were like you – never posted a thing but just wrote admiring comments on MY blog – how much better the world would be. For me. (just kidding!)

You’ve kindly given me a Very Inspiring Blogger award.  In return, I want to celebrate in song!

Imaginary song. Ok?

Blogging: The Musical  (imagine the following sung to the tune of Memories)


Oh I wish that when blogging..

All my readers were buyers

Of the books that I write.

But blogs are

Only read by other people who blog

So I guess that

Is a pipe dream….(crescendo..)

Oh blogging

Takes up all of my evenings

It makes me so boring

And it makes my neck ache,

And then there

Are all of the comments to do..

Is it worth it…

Yes it’s worth it for..YOUUUUUUUUU!

Apparently AS WELL as having to make up a relevant musical (that’s a lie), you have to nominate 15 other bloggers!!! and list 7 things you may not know about me.  So, in the spirit in which I have begun, here are 7 things you may not know….

  1. My parents were vampires.  But I don’t like to boast.  Not like SOME.
  2. I wrote Game of Thrones. Then I threw it away, dissatisfied with the opening line. Some authors create rubbish, others go round and pick it up (yes, RR, I mean you)
  3. My middle name is Perpendicula.
  4. I once flicked a cockroach onto a hot plate.  But I’m really sorry.  I expect that cockroach to be waiting for me just after I emerge from the light (the final one, I mean).  He will not be in a good mood.
  5. I have no gall bladder – but I have lots of gall.
  6. I have some chin hairs.  I pull them out. They grow again.  I think the Dark Lord has been reincarnated as a chin hair, that’s why he’s always coming back no matter what you do to him.  There’s always the nuclear option.
  7. My favourite hat is rainbow stripes with Mayan plaits.  Here it is.  Isn’t it beautiful??? Don’t I look spiffing in it!!!

Dumb face

And the nominations are?? Well, this time I’ve picked philosophical blogs, because next to sex, breakfast in bed and my dog Coffee, I like philosophising (of course, what I like BEST is to philosophise DURING sex, AFTER breakfast in bed, TO my dog Coffee).



  1. Thanks for listing my blog! I also like philosophical stuff and my partner is a professional philosopher. You can check out his blog at

  2. And now that song will be stuck in my head all day.
    The original, I mean. Your version melted the parts of my brain it touched, so…


    1. I think so. I mean, to do it justice I probably should have put some makeup on or worn a paper bag or something but..anyway, I love that hat! The evil ex bought it for me but I think it’s been fully exorcised by now.

      1. I got some good stuff from the ex’s, I figure it helps to balance out the bad memories!
        The only thing that could have made the hat better is if you had added a tiara!

      2. You’re so right! But I don’t have a tiara. Mind you I have a sort of flower crown thing, maybe I’ll wear that next post!


  3. All right! 16 bloggers like this, and I wasn’t even nominated for my philosphy prowess! Tisk tisk! BUT you should see mermaid lady. She is going swimmingly. Her head has changed shapes a few times, her lips went big, went small. She’s copper, shes’ sea green, sparkly, decorated, tattoed in a way that is tasteful beyond reproach. She is fierce and she is slightly pretty, She’s got some scales and wingy-thingies. Wild hair (my proudest moment) and YET, she is not perfected!

    I like your opera and your hat. I especially love the sharky face. Chin hairs. I don’t have facial hair yet, but HA HA, my boyfriends overbearing daughter has a MUSTACHE!! God is keeping track of his tribe. So there.! :0)

    1. Ha ha! Although, if I let it do its thing, I’d have a moustache, and I’m not even overbearing. But you’re a natural blonde I think, so yours when it grows will be like Harold Fairhair’s – something to cherish! I am SO looking forward to seeing this mermaid of yours, she sounds absolutely beautiful!!! Sorry, Mel, I didn’t nominate you because you hadn’t put up a philosophy blog on the night that I decided to go with this theme. But you’re always nominated, in my heart xoxo

  4. Oh no! I’ve been sucked into the Blog Obligation Vortex! Without realizing what it meant — aside from the fact that I like it — I “liked” your blog entry. Now, instead of doing important things like submitting my taxes and writing my novel, I … must … participate … in … the … VIBA … nominations.

    But thanks for the nomination, even though I’ve never heard of the Very Inspiring Blogger Award until now. 🙂

  5. Congratulations on your award, and thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. “Spiffing” now there’s a word I have heard in yonks. I must admit that your 7 things would have to be amongst the most interesting I have read.


    1. thanks Koolnews. Ps,whenever I go to your blog, I find it very difficult to like. Not LIKE, but ‘like’!! Although I do like it. A lot.


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