The Blurb

Do you want to go Deeper?



Deeper is a story about love, betrayal and the burning of bridges.  Loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid, it follows Yllve, a mer woman, who becomes fascinated with the idea of humanity.

Yllve lives in an isolated pod in the tropics, a group much like a remote and primitive tribe.  Mer life is violent, patriarchal and bounded by the confines of the remote reefs and sandbanks where they live and hunt.  Alone among her sisters, Yllve is curious and restless, wanting a wider experience than the traditions of the pod allow.  Life with a human seems to open up myriad possibilities – until it all goes wrong. 

What do you do when you can’t go on, and there is no going back either?

What happens when you swim out of warm, familiar seas into a strange and alien ocean, a culture that isn’t yours? 

What happens when you go deeper..

Right.  So does my pitch have you hooked?  Supposing you were a publisher – would you yell out to your assistant Dogsbody, ‘Gloria, I think I’ve found Penguin’s answer to EL James!!’.  Would you lean across your oak-panelled escritoire and say something like ‘Advance this woman a couple of hundred thousand, will you Myra?’.  Are you burning with desire to publish my book?

OR alternatively, is it more a case of ‘put another log on the slush pile will you darling’?



  1. Oh, I love the BLURB! I hope this is a true story … not about the mer- maid of course; it sounds exciting and fascinating. I am the slowest reader of all times. I know I will go deeper! See my email. I hope I can do justice to our Queen Fish Woman. I’m picturing a woman with VEINS popping on her forehead with anger … erm, but not always (see emails). 🙂


      1. Oh, i meant private email. Oh, how special 😉

        Still, i have been MIA too much, and just recently saw GREEN WOMAN. Love her. How many months do i have???? xx Just kidding. I WILL post some “sea color” mojo i have going on. No mermaids, i’m experimenting with colors and picking my muses (inspirations). There are lots of pretty, ornate and crazy-lookin’ Mers.

      2. I know there are (ornate and crazy). Mers? are an interesting thing, pictorially. What’s Green Woman? Right, off to google. Tomorrow. Bedtime now.


      3. I really should think before I write. There is a picture that you posted of a mermaid-like woman; however it’s just her eye. I printed it for inspiration. Not important. All’s well. Ornate. Love. 🙂

  2. Intriguing and it does tickle my fancy (so to speak). I have found it also useful to try and do what the experts (not me) call an “elevator pitch”, ie if you bumped into an editor in a lift, what would you say in the allotted time (assuming you aren’t in a 200 story building…) 40 words max. it really makes you drill down (so to speak) to the bare essence. Disclaimer – I am a waffler, and am unable to put pitches into 40 words…

    1. Yes, I’ll probably end up doing that. But I thought I’d start by at least looking for a publisher, and then if I don’t find one, what have I got to lose? Always have a Plan B (and C, D and F) – that’s always been my motto.


  3. Well, for one I LOVED The Little Mermaid, and Hans’ whole book to be true.

    Other thing is, not another log on the slush pile. I wish you the absolute absolute best, Rose.

    We all have a vision, or distortion, or even double-vision – but we all must try, to be true to our selves our works our tells.


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