How many times a day can a super-stud do what a super-stud does?

I’m not ANSWERING this question, I’m asking it.  Hey, all you super-studs out there!  Some facts, please!

Mr F and me were discussing how many kids a man with access to as many women as required could possibly father in one lifetime.

“Well, on the basis that our man has sex on average over his lifetime once a day (remember he’s a superstud)..” I begin – when Mr F interrupts.

“ONCE! Six times, I’d say!”

“Six times a day for his entire life?? He won’t be able to make it that often when he’s sixty!”

“Why not?”

At this point I realise there are some truths which are not self-evident, at least to Mr F.  I explain.

“Oh.  Well, let’s say on average, four times a day then. Six when he’s young and two when he’s eighty or so.”

“Hang on, even a young guy can’t make it four times a day EVERY day.  He has to rest sometimes.  Four times is a bit of a marathon.”

“I think six times a day would be reasonable, if you were under forty,” says Mr F. I protest, laughing. “I could manage that!”

Oh could you now!  Well far be it from me to say anything, as the mum, but wanking six times a day is NOT the same as having sex six times a day.  Not that I’m going to go any further down that path.

So Mr F clearly has an inflated – well, that’s what I think, from my long experience of mankind – expectation of how much sex can be managed by the average male, young or old.  Or maybe it’s me who has a DEFLATED expectation of it.  Ms M, who for a time pretended to be a male gamer (see, those stories about deceitful internet buddies were all true!) says that wanking was the favourite topic of her fellow nerds, when not constructing virtual nuclear plants, and from that she got the impression that thirty times a day was nothing to write home about.

Come on, which is it? How super can a super stud get?


  1. There was a guy in Australia who had sired his twentieth kid when he was over a hundred years old. Something like that; I forget the details. I think he had great-grand-children older than his youngest son.

      1. Again, not sure of the details, but I think his (latest) wife was only in her twenties. No accounting for taste huh?

  2. Not being one (I’m definitely female) and not knowing one (I don’t think I’m giving anything away here) I do not have a clue as to the answer to your ‘thought provoking question’…! 😉
    However, Rose, I shall come by over the following few days to see if Mr. Super-Stud (if there are any) reply to your super studious question….
    Happy Valentines Day, Rose…. 🙂

  3. It’s actually difficult to answer your Q squarely, Rose, because you want a general answer covering ALL men, whereas “studies have shown” that internet nerds are THE most virile men on the planet (Earth, heh).

    Love this Rose! Love hearing about Mr & Mrs 🙂

    1. REally? Internet nerds? Gee, no wonder my son has such an optimistic idea of the average man’s capacities. But honestly, what’s your biggest number per night? Mine’s about 4 (ish). I think. From memory. God, when I think back to 1962, that was a great year!


  4. I’d suggest that multiple times a day for more than a few days would lead to a certain male sex organ not responding at all for a bit o’ time. And wanking that many times a day wouldn’t work either.
    Thank you for this wonderful topic.

    1. well, that’s my experience too King M. But then, I did have a boyfriend once who could do it about 8 times a day…not EVERY day, however, and not consistently (and in the end, boy did I get sick of him!).


  5. There are stories of some pretty incredible amounts of sex from the swinging sixties but as most of them were on drugs, how reliable can they be? Have just got through all 4 series of Californication – the series is generally seen as being credible – but, again, that’s La La land. Hmmmm

    1. well, it does come into the equation that the more the quantity, the less the quality, in terms of baby making capability, and I pointed that out to Mr F. Still, I think he overrates male capacities. And I don’t see what kiss and tell has to do with it – this is just how much you COULD, if you WOULD…


    1. it does? I suppose you could be a super stud and not have any kids…still for all I know you and your wife could be enjoying the delights of matrimony twenty times a day (and still be using IVF). The delights being…bacon, toast and coffee, naturally.


  6. The historical record would probably be held by an Ottoman sultan or Chinese emperor, some of whom did have access to as many women as they required and not a lot else to do.

    But we could do better with SCIENCE! In the Harlan Ellison story “A Boy And His Dog” (I think) a young man in your standard post-nuclear-apocalypse wasteland is recruited to fertilize all the women in a community. He’s very enthusiastic … until he finds out that he’s going to be attached 24/7 to a sort of adapted milking machine and the actual fertilisation will be in-vitro.

    Not a comfortable thought for any male … try it out on your offspring and see if he squirms 🙂

    1. that’s a bit like a novel I once read where the world was ruled by women, who forced men to dress up in heels, work as secretaries etc, and all the fertilisation was done by stimulating the prostate – similar. A boy and his dog – I’ll have to look that one up. No, I don’t think Mr F would like that sort of scenario. On the other hand being an Ottoman sultan…(except for the mortality rate, which I think was quite high, not from sex-related causes).


    1. nah, superstuds don’t need foreplay, that’s for wusses. Six times, you reckon. Every day? On a special day – say Valentines or after the stud’s team has just won the football? Or just on average.


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