What if…

In parts of India and Africa, they say, fat women are considered yummy (and not in the same sense as mangoes).  Why? Because if you have one on your arm, it shows you can afford to feed her.

In the West, the fattest of us live in trailer parks and suburban deserts, while rich women compete to see who can fit into size zero.

Ms M and I went to a science museum of sorts the other day and learned that our tireless Aussie scientists are working their butts off trying to make chocolate and big macs which have no calories and bucketloads of vitamins.

Well, suppose they do? Will the western suburbs be full of skeletal bogans, stuffing themselves with mounting desperation on fatless fries and drinks which taste like coke but kick like spinach?  While up in Mosman and Peppermint Grove, obese plummy-voiced shoe designers and CEOs pride themselves on eating the real thing?

Maybe not, but it would be kind of funny.


  1. Being overweight is about too much food, ie in versus too little out, ie exercise. this is not rocket science. it’s jsut common sense, and sometimes access to decent healthy food.

    1. I know. But classifying ‘overweight’ is partly about culture and expectations. According to an Ethiopian I know, we’re ALL overweight over here – even the relatively skinny ones.


  2. Poor folks in the US will stay chubby. How the fuck are they going to afford “designer fucking food”? I get SO sick of food “manufacturing”. However, vegans tend to do designer food as well, right? Seems that there is a ton of attention paid to making wheat taste like meat. Sometimes i wonder about THAT! I mean isn’t vegan meant to be about enjoying the veggies and embracing the plant 😉

    Happy Stuffing day to those who binge on Thanksgiving. I will NOT be bingeing on Thanksgiving, but everyone around me will stuff themselves until they are purple. Good times.

  3. Speaking from India, our notions of feminine beauty have begun to look a lot like yours. Yummy is no longer cool anymore! good riddance. 🙂 if only you saw the old actresses of the 60s and 70s running around in Bollywood movies, …. traumatic. But the opposite trend is a little scary too … sticks-on-legs is not nice!

  4. “this is not rocket science. it’s jsut common sense”

    Respectfully, I strongly disagree with this over-simplified approach of “calories in / calories out.”

    No, it is not rocket science.

    Actually, it is neuroscience. Especially the hypothalamus:


    You can say all day and night that it is just calories in and calories out, but if your hypothalamus dictates that you eat more, maybe too much, then you will. The hypothalamus (and other related systems) can be manipulated and conditioned to habit.

    And, the marketing guys who developed fast food have become masters at predicting (and manipulating) our bodies.

    See, also:


    and, more generally,

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