Happy Birthday to Post Modern Single!

Happy Birthday to you,

I hear you are blue,

But cheer up Post Modern,

Cause we all love you!!!


(Sung to the tune of Happy Birthday, obviously, this little ditty – and post – is dedicated to the thoughtful, intelligent and totally funky and interesting Post Modern Single.  And here are three things I love about PMS (no, not that sort):

  1. You NEVER catch her trotting out meaningless truisms.
  2. She’s not afraid to say what her real feelings are.
  3. She writes beautifully and with elegant succinctness.

I think she’s a little like me, but then again I think that’s a tribute to her writing – we all see a bit of ourselves in her.  Well, PMS, the more intelligent and complex the organism, the more complex and challenging life seems, but the rewards are also perhaps richer….

So ENJOY your birthday and bask in the glow of your many admirers both on and off-line.

Here’s to PMS!!


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