Stories of mum: Just WHO is boring?

A while ago, I was at my mum’s place reading through some old papers she’d got together, and she said she was very annoyed with me and was considering cutting me out of her will, because –

She found something I’d written when I was about seven.  It went something like this.

‘My mum is SO boaring (sic). She is the boaringest person in the whole world. I don’t know ANYONE who’s boaringer than my mum. She’s very nice. But boaring….Maybe one day she will not be so boaring as she is now.’

It went on and on in this vein for about two pages (in big letters, since I was just a kid) – no wonder mum was pissed off!  And I thought, god, I haven’t changed a bit! Here I am still complaining that people are ‘boring, boring, boring!’.  And it’s true that most people don’t, on the face of it, have anything very startling to say about anything.

BUT – I thought to myself – maybe that’s because I don’t ask them! I mean, who DOES say startlingly original things to people they hardly know? Give people a chance! Spend more time listening and asking and less time putting people down in your head, Rose! BAD Rose. Boring Rose!

And mum, yes you were boring from time to time, but so am I, and so is everyone else.  Mostly you weren’t boring in the least, and you were certainly wiser than me!


  1. I imagine there are worse things a child could write about her mother, so it’s not so awful. 🙂 But you’re right. Sometimes we are all very boring, never discussing anything deeper than the surface, perhaps because we’re scared to say the wrong thing.

  2. I have a friend I refer to as “the most boring man in the world.” I hate myself every time I say it because you’re right … we all have our boring moments. Like last night when I was at a party and at one point found an opportunity to sit outside by myself, away from the noise and the chatter. I’m sure other people saw me out there and thought, “well isn’t he boring sitting out there by himself instead of in here having all this fun we’re having.”

    1. Hey, I KNOW that man! What a coincidence! I think people are boring when they’re shallow and fake..other people think they’re boring when they’re deep and honest. I’ve done that at parties too, btw. I have to admit, I have been at parties and had (obviously bored or maybe just plain scared) people excuse themselves and edge away!


      1. I think the boring factor comes into play for me when people can’t expand beyond the same conversation over and over again. We have this group of friends we get together with regularly and I frequently don’t want to attend the get-togethers because it’s the same group of people talking about the exact same things over and over and over again. Same thing with the most boring man in the world — a little sports, a little family, a little bit of this and a little bit of that, all very low-key, almost monotone, and then we’re done. So, I like the basic conversations, too, but not over and over again.

  3. It’s one of the concerns for me about blogging, especially when I’m posting 4 or 5 times a week. Inevitably, there are posts which are boring. I always love your stories about your mum!

    1. I don’t think any of yours are boring. But in any case, it’s horses for courses. I think philosophy is fascinating but lots of people fall off their chairs, and who can blame them!


  4. Ohh poor mum… one of the pitfalls of motherhood, you can’t escape getting hurt by the kids’ obvious and cruel logic 😉
    But it’s a good lesson, and see, ever after the years you can learn something from it 😉

      1. Are you sure that they are not humoring you in order to keep the goodies flowing and the punishments at bay. I mean, after all, the thing you wrote when you were seven was not given to her at the time, right?

      2. Actually it was written to my elder sister who was in England at the time (I think). I think mum’s had it for ages – I was always writing stuff on scraps of paper, still am, and leaving it around. I think she was mostly laughing at me but partly a bit miffed, poor thing.


  5. I;d like to see my mother take her on in a boring battle. Yours would probably win, because mine had occasional moments of passive aggression and nastiness that broke the monotony.

    1. Really? Oh dear. I don’t know why I thought my mum was so boring, she was a housewife and my dad was more the glamorous intellectual I guess. She was actually a very switched on person. But I’ve always been the sort of person who gets quickly bored with most other people – not something I like in myself.


  6. You’ve been out of the nest for how long and she just now found this?
    I can’t stand boring people, both definitions of that phrase, that is. I hate boring anyone, and I fear being stuck in the break room at work, or similar situation, with someone whose mind, and mouth, never seem to rise out of the humdrum. I’d almost rather be stuck with someone with body odor. I’m a little “off the beam”, but I’ll walk away from some social interactions saying to myself (in supposedly their voice) “Boring, boring, boring boring boring. Then boring. And, besides that, boring, boring boring. Boring.” (Because, whatever the words are that actually come out of their mouths, that’s what I’m hearing). I don’t want to hear the deepest feelings of everyone I meet, but really, the unexamined life is NOT worth living. I have friends that never, ever read books, and I’m just disgusted by them for it. Because it makes them even more boring than they are already.

    1. She used to like finding boxes of old papers and going through them. It’s an old age thing. That raises the question of why you have those friends, I guess (I have friends like that too, I have them because you have to have SOME friends, and because they like me, and because I don’t like to reject people). Yeah I’d have to agree with you about avoiding boring people – but I do think it’s a sort of failure on my part to recognise the interesting bits. And then again – when all you want to do is look at stupid pics on your mobile, are there really any interesting bits? Not to me. Which is the point.


    1. Yeah that’s very true. I think that when I read the stories on people’s blogs. Mine was comfortable and warm (and actually really clever too). But the first two are what you need most.


  7. I, too, enjoy reading the stories you post about your mother. I’m so crazy about my mom, she is the best person in the world to me. When I was growing up, I thought she was boring and soo old-fashioned…it took some growing up to do, to realize she was very content at being a wife, housewife and mother. (that was all she ever wanted) She called me the other day to tell me she found something I made in school when I was about six – a bunny – the pipe cleaner whiskers about to fall off, the cotton balls brown…she put him in a glass frame and hung him in her living room!

    1. Isn’t it lovely the way your mum stores up things you produced as a kid and then treasures them and brings them out and, well in your case hangs them up! They really love you. Motherhood at its best can be such a wonderful thing.


  8. Geez, I hope your mum was joking. If not, tell her to cut the 7yo out of her will, but look at who you are today for other considerations!

    I know for a fact my father does not have me in his will (as you know, mum’s dead), but I don’t care. That happens with estrangement.

  9. Great post as usual. I have been pondering about this subject lately as I am slipping and sliding towards the boring end of society :). I haven’t resolved yet how to climb out of the pit again.

    1. Yes, I’m just about to take a look! When life gets boring, what do you do? I kinda like the Yes Man approach..not that I’ve tried it, except with men, and then it could more properly be called ‘yes woman’.


  10. I usually try to spark up conversations with randoms that I’ve seen around before, more than a few times.

    This one time, at band camp (or, at the Coffee Club), I got into a real personal conversation with this girl who I initially thought may have been a prostitute. Where she then started telling me about her theories on how the government is conspiring against her because she’s hiding Tupac in her basement. She then went on to rap about life, using each letter of the alphabet twice in a sort of gargantuan poem. Can’t remember what she was saying, but it was quite amazing/crazy!

    Giving people a chance is what makes life interesting.

    Humans are weird and that’s fun!

    Oh, and boring post. Just kidding. I enjoyed! And can you send me through a picture of you/how you’d wanna represent this blog? I want to put your blog in my recommended blogs section.

    1. Yeah, I really like those moments. When you talk to someone you wouldn’t normally, and they turn out to be really weird, but in an interesting way. Better than totally nondescript normal! How to represent this blog pictorially – I’ve never thought of that! Thanks for asking..hmm. If I send you a pic, people might think I REALLY think I’m beautiful and I’ll get hate mail like that silly UK woman. I’ll send you something, anyway!


      1. The UK woman? Don’t know about that. But bah! Screw people. And don’t feel compelled to send me a picture of you, but if you really are that beautiful, I”m sure it might draw more people in?

      2. The idiotic one who said women were always being mean to her because she was so beautiful. Nah, I’m not beautiful at all, the blog title is tongue in cheek – but I’ll see what I can find. If you really want to draw people in, a picture of you in suspenders should do it (?)


      3. hah! That’s a great thing to say. Probably a sign of good parenting. Me in suspenders is delightful, but it’s to draw people here. I have a ‘blog i like’ section. I like your blog.

      1. i was joking, hope you understood it, i believe people dont get really angry at children because they are honest. they may get on your nerves with their raw honesty but at the end you know that they are just speaking the truth on your face 🙂

      2. no, that’s true. But i was an arrogant little girl and I think I am that way now too a bit. C’est la vie, you’ve got to have some faults!


  11. One of the reasons I enjoy dancing so much, Rose, is that I can do something I love to do, and have a social time as well. However, the music continues to play throughout the entire 3 or 4 hours. We (my man and I) can dance the majority of the dances, and so we find ourselves ‘on our feet’ for the most part.
    Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy the company of those who attend however; there is only so much conversation in which one can engage before boredom encroaches. This is inevitable. We humans are not all that fascinating or fascinated by the family life, work life, or otherwise lives of others; at least not to the degree of wanting to talk about it every week, or even less frequently.
    Therefore, dancing holds for me the magic of ‘the dance’ both physical and social…. (wink, wink).

  12. Hello Rose, I join the chorus of people who love it when you write about your Mom. I think I am pretty boring these days; whenever someone asks me how I am, I ramble on about the blog…but it is exhilerating to write about things that have been buzzing around my brain for a long time. Sometimes when I hit the “publish” button, I feel like I am jumping off a cliff but the response has been positive and encourages me to continue. I hope you take a look! All my best, Hallie of A Swift Current

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