Rose’s Reviews: Cristian Mihai and Remember

Cristian Mihai doesn’t need me to review his works.  Christ, the man has 12,445 followers!  And a writerly beard!

But I read Remember before I knew this and got seriously jealous.

The first thing I remember about Remember is, just as I was getting into it, it ended.  And why? Because it’s only 5,600 words long.  It’s a sort of haiku of a novel – a glimpse, a sound bite.

The story’s written in first person, and it’s about a Romanian man who falls in love with a beautiful girl, when they’re both at school, and never tells her about it.  He gets stuck in the infamous ‘friend zone’ – and there he stays, until he meets her many years later in Rome.  It’s the tale of a hopeless crush, about building your life around a single, delusional idea, and then seeing it crash into reality.  And about memory.

I thought this book had a, hmm, yes, memorable, original beginning, a wistful end, and a thought-provoking middle.  Who would have thought that Romanian fixers, too, have hearts!

Oh, and if YOU’ve written a book you’d like me to review? You have only to ask!


  1. I’ve yet to check out Cristian’s books, but his blog is thoroughly absorbing and beautiful to read.

    He also has some great tips for aspiring writers; I’m learning quite a bit, between Cristian, Marc and a few others 🙂

  2. Nice review. I probably won’t read it.
    Another story about a man holding a torch for a woman is Love In The Time Of Cholera.
    I didn’t see the movie, but the book is fantastic.

    1. I think I’ve read it and seen the movie. It wasn’t half bad – though in the movie she came to love her dull husband, where in the book I don’t think she does.


      1. I had no idea! (I just leap straight into your posts without looking at the things on the side). I remember you sending out requests for editing at one point – when I was too crazy busy to even consider it – and I’ve been wondering ever since. So the one on the Etiquette Guide site is the one you were editing earlier this year?

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